By Jerry Mooney

Most of us simply could not function without our most essential tech items. And many of those gadgets and gizmos become beloved and trusted ‘friends.’ After all, we spend more time staring at them than we do our partners or children! So what happens when newer models come out? Can you bear to let your much-loved tech drop into the recycle bucket?

Your smartphone

This tiny but mighty champion of useful technology is with us almost twenty-four hours a day. And yes, there are people that take these things into the bathroom with them. They connect us to every other human on the planet, and they even double up as a PA when you’re out of the office. So what happens when the latest iPhone is launched, or there’s an exciting new update, but your model is no longer supported?

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Fortunately, most of the data we use is stored elsewhere such as in the cloud. As long as you stick with the same brand or OS, you’ll be able to replace the handset and keep almost everything else the same.

Your tablet

Tablets are a little different than smartphones. While they can perform many of the same functions and tasks, they do tend to become obsolete a little more often. There are many apps and online services that simply won’t work with older tablets. And some tablets that don’t run current versions of Android or Apple OS will simply be exempt from the latest and greatest apps you might want. Sadly, tablets are best replaced as it is almost impossible to upgrade them once they are no longer supported.

Your computer

Anyone who uses their laptop as a workhorse knows the dilemma of replacing their machine well. Sure, the letters have worn off the keys. The screen has that annoying burn-out in the corner. And the touch pad for the mouse is so infuriating. But there is something rather personal about your personal computer. For a start, it is more private than your phone. You can store important documents offline. This means they only exist on that laptop. So what happens if you get a virus or the battery no longer charges?

Fixing your laptop is a must if it goes wrong. Find a good computer repair company that can retrieve your files at least. Chances are a couple of replacement parts or a refurbishment could bring your beloved machine back up to date.

Your TV

TVs are smart. If yours isn’t, how on earth are you coping? Netflix and other streaming services have revolutionized how we watch TV shows and movies. If your TV isn’t internet capable, then it really might be time to buy a new model.

Aside from the connectivity issues, there are screen resolution and screen size issues. Most current models exceed 43 inches and tend to be in 4K. This makes an enormous difference to the viewing experience. Add a USB stick, and many will provide a recording function if you don’t want to miss your favorite show. If you haven’t got all this, it could be time to replace your TV. Do you keep old tech past its support expiration date?

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