We could all do with an extra hour in our days. There just never enough time. It’s a continual struggle and one which only seems to get harder.

Sadly, always feeling pushed for time can have a detrimental impact on both our personal and working lives. And, it’s the working side we’re going to look at today. As a manager, you likely know the continual pressure of time. Most managers have to-do lists which never seem to end. And, there are a few different ways you could make matters easier in that respect.

But, your staff likely feel pushed for time too. As such, taking small steps to save them at least an hour each day is sure to help. Some days, you could let them clock off an hour earlier and attend to personal issues. Or, they could simply use that extra time to tackle tasks they would have rolled over for the next day. Either way; it’s hard to sniff at extra time. As such, we’re going to look at simple steps you can take to turn back the march of time. Or at least hold it back a little.

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Save the workplace traipse

Even if you operate in a small office, you’d be amazed at how much time your employees waste walking from one desk to another to ask simple questions. Shouting across the workplace is hardly the done thing. So, each query comes complete with an excursion away from their desks. What’s more, stepping away like this can make it difficult for them to get back into the flow. That can lead to an hour wasted right there. And, this issue gets worse the more extensive your workspace. Those working on construction sites, for instance, could have a fair distance from one place to another. If their equipment breaks or they need to verify something, that could be another hour.

To tackle time-wasting in your office, set everyone up on a program like Google Hangouts. That way, staff won’t have to leave their desks. In construction sites, hand out walkie-talkies for communication. You might also want to invest in a crane truck like those found at Service Trucks International. Simply visit their website to see what’s on offer. With one of these on site, you can replace and repair broken equipment without ever dragging staff away from their posts.

Get sharper with delegation

You can also up productivity tenfold by getting sharper with delegation. That means setting one person to one job. This then frees everyone to focus on their tasks. And, that stands to save more than an hour if you get it right. Setting one person to take care of admin, for instance, ensures your marketing team don’t spend half their day responding to emails. Equally, entrusting one person to answer phones guarantees that doesn’t drag other team members away. To keep this fair, rotate delegation on a daily basis. Just like that, your team will start to defy those time restraints altogether.

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