by Sharon Jones

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Where would your business be without its customers?

Nowhere, that’s where, because you would never be able to make a profit! It’s a no-brainer, of course. 

But here’s the thing. While you might have customers at the moment, that might not be the case forever. Being only one business on the block, you might eventually start to lose the people who matter to you the most (other than your friends and family) to your rivals. And if you are already starting to see your customers dwindle away, you do have to take action. Because if you don’t, you might one day come into work only to find that the phone has stopped ringing, and that could signal the end of your business. It’s unthinkable, we know, but it has been the reality for many.

Without further ado then, let’s have a look at some of the reasons as to why your customer numbers might be dropping.

#1: You have lost your place on Google

Assuming that you had a search engine presence in the first place, you might notice that your ranking has dropped. This might be because other business owners have taken steps to improve their SEO, or it could be because of changes within Google’s algorithms that have caused your business to rank lower. Whatever the case, you need to take action. So, you might bring in an outside company to perform a technical SEO audit, as they will then remedy the situation on your behalf. You might also research ways to improve your SEO yourself. By taking these steps, your business will then sit higher on Google’s search pages, and that might increase the number of customers that use your business.

#2: You aren’t doing enough to keep your existing customers

As we have suggested already, you might lose your customers to your nearest business rivals. This sucks, we know, but people aren’t always loyal to the businesses they frequent. To ensure you don’t let any other customers slip away, you should use our advice to keep your customers coming back. You might also contact those customers who haven’t shown up recently, perhaps with an email to remind them that you still exist, and a discounted offer to encourage them to return to your business.

#3: There is something inherently wrong with your business

It could be a rude customer service representative. Your website might be dated and broken. You might be overpricing your products. The service or product you are offering your customers might no longer be relevant. These are all inherent problems that need to be dealt with, as your business is never going to retain its customers if you don’t. You need to check for issues such as these and then deal with them. After making the relevant changes, you might start to see a change to your business. Your customers might return to you, and you might stand a better chance of attracting new people to your business. So, examine your business closely and take the appropriate next steps.

Thanks for reading!

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