When thinking about selling your car, you’ve probably figured that those small fixes are something the new owner can take care of. It is, to an extent, true; investing a lot of time and money into fixing it to a perfect condition, won’t necessarily pay off when you find a seller. It’s seen as a sentimental value, rather, and a project you spent time on to humor yourself – avoid the hassle and focus on fixing the parts that can bring in a bit extra when the sale goes through.
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Here is a simple and straightforward guide to how – so that you can say goodbye to your old friend with a smile.

Clean and Polish

When a potential buyer arrives, she should see your car is it is supposed to look. That means no broken headlights, no dirt, and preferably a shiny exterior. You don’t need to spend a fortune on getting new paint for it; a proper clean and polish will make it look as good as new – almost as good as new, that is.

If you do want to give it a bit of paint but it’s so worn it’s hard to tell what shade it used to be, it’s smart to check the color of the door frame as this rarely gets exposed to sunlight.

Repair any cracks in the windshield, too, as this might affect what people are willing to pay. It will cost a little bit, but the amount you get back when the sale goes through should make it worth it. If the headlights are worn out or even broken, you should take it in and have them fixed – it’s quick, easy, and will make a huge improvement to the first impression it gives.


A few things should probably be replaced, especially if you’ve been together for years already. The floor mats, for example, is a good and inexpensive place to start. Get ahold of some weather approved floor mats to make sure they stay in good condition – it’s something to point out, too, when the potential new owner sits down for a test drive.

Replace the windshield wipers as a courtesy for the new owner; they should be cleaned every week to stay in a good condition and replaced after a couple of months, in any way, so the new owner will be happy to see that they’ve already been replaced. It’s a good idea to invest in an airlift suspension as well as it’s inexpensive and will boost the value of your car – particularly if it’s a solid vehicle, meant for going off-road and carry heavy loads.


Nobody wants to drive around with your old food stains or tear and wear, so the interior of your car should be spot free. Use leather treatment or treatment that’s meant to clean the inside of your vehicle with – stay away from household detergents as they could do more harm than good to the material.

It’s easy to clean up most of it yourself, but if the seat covers are beyond your abilities, it might be a good idea to have them replaced altogether. Here is an article on what to look for in a good car, so read up and think like a buyer when fixing your vehicle.

Selling a car all boils down to appearances, shallow as it might seem. A potential buyer should be dazzled by its shiny looks and spotless interior; the wheels should spark with health, and the lights brighten up the entire driveway. With these ideas, you can easily make it happen without spending a fortune.

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