Small businesses make a massive impact on the local economy. Either by generating income and then spending it in the local area and then in other local businesses or by bringing in good trade from outside – like tourists. But when it comes to being a business owner, it will always be in your benefit to do good in the area that you do business in.

Ideally, you will begin by seeking out companies and causes that speak to you on a fundamental level. It might be a local animal shelter, it could be a healthy initiative like a walking group, or it might be a small local branch of a larger company.

You don’t have to come from a wealthy background, or even sink a lot of money into anything. Usually, time and help will achieve the funds.

General Community

When it comes to making a swift and lasting impact a lot comes down to the local government. Ensure that you are up to date with domestic policies, what will impact your business, and others that perhaps are vulnerable in your local area. Take the time to work out where the city spends its money, where it comes from, political reform organizations, upcoming changes and what you can do to support your own values and the values of others.


Each and every city has (sadly) far too many animal shelters that will always be in need of donations. Get in touch with a few and see where your business (and you) can contribute. It might be a portion of profits, it could be a Saturday morning in the kennels. Blanket collections, food, and maybe raising money for medical expenses. You might even look into helping to foster dogs when needed – and who doesn’t love an office dog?

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Meeting Up

Sadly there are millions of lonely people, and you might even be one of them. If you don’t have the cash to put into something, perhaps you have the time? Seniors, parents of young children are in the bracket that is most often associated with being alone. You could make a point of visiting people you know are on their own, or you could arrange a friendship club in the local area – church halls and community centres tend to be great for this. Bring hot drinks, cake and boardgames and let people interact. Social connects are powerful and fulfilling – so help to nurture those connections.

Give Back

If you have been fortunate enough to do well from your business, then perhaps it is time to pass on that knowledge. Get in touch with local schools, and children’s clubs and see if they have anything coming up like a careers day. Go and speak about your success and failure – perhaps even pass on some of the skills you’ve learned along the way.

Good deeds in the community will give you recognition in ways that you may not expect – from new clients and sales to awards. Whatever you give even the smallest of time or money makes you a philanthropist.

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