By Nigel Hilton

If you’re starting out on your own, then like many entrepreneurs your new venture can be met with some trepidation. You are likely to also want to spend money sparingly and starting off things in the business small. No matter how small you want to start things, though, you will still need some technological tools to help your business to grow and to compete with your fellow counterparts. Certain pieces of tech can help you to make more money for the business but they can help you to save time too. No tech is going to run your business for you, but it is going to help you get things going.


LED Backlit Monitor

Having a laptop or a tablet is all very well, but when it comes to office equipment, you need a large monitor to help working at a desk much easier. When you’re not having to strain, it can mean a more relaxed neck, back, and eyes. So if you find working from a desk uncomfortable or get pain from sitting or looking at a screen, then this can be a big help to you. If it is LED backlit, then it does help to reduce the strain and glare on your eyes. You don’t want to miss out on anything important or make yourself ill when you’re trying to do your work.

Wireless Printer

Being able to print out your work, wherever you are in the home or office, is going to be helpful. You might need to quickly print out an email before dashing off to a meeting, for example. So having a wireless printer that is ready to go can be most helpful. Just make sure that you get good quality printer ink for the printer too. Then all of your documents can be printed quickly, as well as looking good.


It is an obvious one that you will need a smartphone. But having a phone that will allow you easy access to emails is key for business. Internet access is also going to be really important. It can be a good idea when you’re going into business to have one phone for business use and one phone for personal use. It can help you to be more productive when on your work phone, as you won’t have to deal with any personal emails or social media notifications that pop up.

Wireless Router With Apps

If you have got a growing office, then your router needs to be able to take the strain. It can waste time and money to install ethernet cables, so the best idea is to go for wireless. One like the Belkin Play could be a good option as it will still enable you to use around the office but according to reviews, has unparalleled connectivity. In an office that will be filled with people and radio waves, you need a router that is going to be able to get to everyone and keep a strong signal.  

Do you have a favorite piece of tech for your office?

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