by Brian McKay

A couple of hundred years ago, not really that long in terms of time, we had to wind up the front of the car to get it working. Eventually, after days or weeks, we would get to our destination. Now, we have vehicles that can drive themselves and you anywhere you want. Progress is a beautiful thing, and the automotive industry is one of the best places to see great technology come to life.

Here are a few of the coolest tech gadgets that you can take with you on your next road trip, even if it’s just to work and home again.

Photo by Samuele Errico Piccarini on Unsplash

Where once upon a time you would need to arrive bright and early at a dealership and spend most of the day finalising your car. You can open your laptop and bid on an auction and have your new car delivered. Sound like fun? Check out more from Equify Auctions today.

Dash cams have been protecting drivers for years. But, in recent years photographers and videographers have used regular road driving footage in their work. The devices are designed to give a crystal clear image of the road (either behind or in front), record your GPS location and automatically saves the video upon impact. The nifty kit that can keep you safe and provide support for your insurance, and you can also make really cool videos with too.

Coffee anyone? Most drivers spend ages at drive-thrus, either for a much-needed caffeine hot or a snack on the go. If it is the former, then this is something that you might want to invest in. If you wake up late, or you have a long day and drive ahead of you – say hello to the Handpresso. This little perky coffee maker plugs into your cigarette lighter or 12-volt port and hey presto – fresh java. It’s designed to work with your own ground coffee of ESO pods. Completely unnecessary, but much wanted.

An Automatic Car Adapter, this bit of kit plugs into your standard diagnostic port (ODB-II) on most cars. It then allows this device to pull useful data directly from your vehicles onboard computer. However, it doesn’t work with electric cars. You then will have a handy app on your phone that you can use to show a garage when it comes time for a service or if you’ve unexpectedly broken down.

If you were blown away in previous years by the 3D holographic dancers on the stage, then you’re going to love this. The Hudway Cast isn’t cheap, but it is incredible. It wirelessly displays your smartphone screen. This is perfect for people who use their phone in place of a dedicated GPS like a TOMTOM or a Garmin. You can still access the primary function you use on your phone (hopefully not while driving), and see the directions on the HUD the whole time. While it isn’t actually holographic, it does look it, the transparent lens focuses the virtual image around nine feet in front of you.

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