It seems as though technology has had a huge impact on all aspects of our personal lives, as well as the majority of industries. So many jobs have been completely revolutionised by technology and the way that we live our lives is constantly changing. However, the construction industry seemed to be one area that had not seen that much change in recent years as a result of technology. But that is all changing, the construction industry is finally beginning to embrace new technology and altering the way that the industry functions. These are just a few of the new technological innovations that are changing the construction industry right now.


We’ve all heard about drones, they seem to be everywhere today. There are plenty of different uses for them. Some companies have recently introduced drone deliveries, and there is a popular drone racing community out there. But they are also being utilized in the construction industry.


The main way in which they are being used in the construction industry is for surveying purposes. In the past, surveyors would have to inspect every aspect of the building themselves, using boom lifts or ladders to reach the higher areas. This was incredibly time consuming and expensive. But now, this can be carried out completely remotely, by flying the drone around the building and surveying the building through a camera. They can be a lot more efficient than a human surveyor, and negate the chance of human error.

They can also be used for health and safety purposes, assessing a site and finding any hazards, without a human having to put themselves in danger by entering the site. The use of drones in the construction industry is becoming more widespread as technology companies are now starting to manufacture specific drones designed for industrial applications.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

When we think of Augmented and Virtual Reality software, we usually think of entertainment applications, particularly movies and video games. There are in fact a lot more different uses for these technologies, construction being one of the more recent ones.


Construction companies are using Virtual Reality software in a number of different ways. When designing buildings with clients, it can be used to give them a much more real sense of what the finished product will be. It can be difficult to know whether the designs meet your requirements just from looking at drawings and mock-ups. But using Virtual Reality software, clients are able to walk around a three-dimensional recreation of the design.

Augmented Reality also has more practical applications as it can lay data and images over the top of a physical space. The main use for this is to lay measurements and technical drawings over the actual space that the building will be constructed in. This way, any errors or discrepancies can be found before construction begins, avoiding any delays to the schedule that could end up costing money.

Health and Safety

There are plenty of technological innovations that have replaced troublesome health and safety procedures that are often ignored. Light up hard hats, safety glasses and protective clothing have all seen huge advances as a result of technological innovation.


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