It’s one of the pains of a small business, being so cash-strapped, that you have to think about where every single penny goes all of the time. As a result, a lot of the important things that define a business can get ignored. Finding the right person is one of the biggest challenges anybody can undertake but are there any ways for you to find the right person, but also to keep them when your resources are minimal?

Never Underestimate Social Media

It is a cheap way to find the right person, but so many businesses out there ignore social media completely. There’s a case for and against using social media to find the right person, but you should at least try these avenues, and while Twitter and Facebook have excellent means to hire people, don’t underestimate LinkedIn, especially if you’re looking for a more professional avenue to hire someone. The popularity of sites like LinkedIn is showing exponentially how people are leveraging social media to find the right candidate.

Test Their Performance And Personality

You found the right person on paper, now what? At this point, while probationary periods are a common way to determine if someone is a right fit, to fully ensure this, you should give them a trial period. This isn’t just about ensuring they are able to maintain productivity, but, they are a good fit for the company ethos, and work well with your current employees. The best way to do this is to set up a smaller task that they can complete as an independent contractor, something you would normally outsource. This guarantees you are not wasting time in the business, but you’re also putting the candidate to task.

Keeping The Right Person

And if they’ve ticked all the boxes, it’s plain sailing, right? In fact, you may have put them through their paces, and this could drive them away. So instead, perks are the way to keep them on board. When drafting your contract, it benefits you and the candidate to lay out the perks and positives as boldly as possible. After all, there are so many startups, and if you are part of a big industry, who is to say that they will actually stay with you? Instead, it’s important at this point to highlight what makes you different, not just in terms of the company culture, but also what you can offer them that others do not. This is something that is done, a lot of the time, in the job advertisements. They mention those little details, like a ping-pong table, or team meals, and so forth. It’s worth taking inspiration from this, especially when posting your job.

When you are struggling for cash, the right person is like gold dust, and you need to ensure that your search for the right candidate isn’t overly expensive, but you need to know for sure that the person is going to be the right fit. By going through social media channels, and putting them through their paces at the very outset, you will find the right person to take you to the next level.

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