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If your parents are feeling a little more niggles than usual, their memory is not what it used to be and they are not as mobile as they once were, it might be time to have a conversation about living arrangements. It can be difficult to consider your parents getting older when you have memories of them being so young and active when you were a child. However, now may be the time when you take on the more parental role. There are a number of ways you can secure the living arrangements of your parents so that all parties involved can be happy and well cared for.

Move In

You could choose to have your parents move in with you. This can be a fantastic idea if your parents don’t have any medical needs or don’t require around the clock care. Having grandparents in the home can change the family dynamic which can take some getting used to, but it can also be fun. Your kids will adore having their grandparents around and this sort of living arrangement can help your little darlings learn patience and tolerance. However, some ground rules will need to be set prior to this living arrangement going ahead. It can feel stifling having your parents living with you. 

If your home is small, it can be tricky to find any breathing space so consider this carefully. You may also need to make adjustments for your parents’ mobility. They may need some agedcare furniture to help them sit more comfortably, or you may need to lower work surfaces to help them remain independent.

Independent Living

If your parents are keen to keep their independence, they may need some help within their own home. You might need to hire a meals on wheels type service or you may need to secure some carers to visit your parents home once or twice a day. This could be to administer medication or to help with basic cleaning tasks. If your parents are not suffering with anything other than niggles or the odd mobility issue, independent living could be worthwhile.

Residential Care

If your parents require more urgent medical care, they need to enter a residential facility that can help meet their needs. It can be difficult not to feel guilty if this is the case. You might want to be the primary carer for your mom or dad, but with a young family of your own and a full time job, this can be impossible. Go to nursing homes with your parents and ensure that any choice to enter full time care is a joint one. Be supportive and allow them to take their time. This is a massive life adjustment so don’t rush them. Ensure that you visit every week, and stick to a routine. Ensure that they are happy in their new surroundings, and keep them part of the family unit that you know and love.

Seeing our parents grow older can be tough. However, check out these potential living arrangements and choose the best one to suit the needs of your mom and dad.

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