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If modern politics were not so consumed with petty bipartisan squabbles and the sorts of controversies that 24 hour a day news cycles rely on, then perhaps more attention would be paid to some of the issues that are require change. The problems facing the world right now are not just of a domestic character. International aid is a contentious subject, but when you consider that 130,000,000 girls are not in education, you start to realise that more money and time needs to spent on conditions around the world. As a point of reference, if just these girls were a country of their own, it would be the tenth largest in the world. However, education is not quite as impressive as it could be in so-called developed nations either. Research conducted by U.S Department of Education in 2013 found that 32 million adults in the United States cannot read (which is about 14% of the total population). This is not functional illiteracy either. A massive 21% can read to only a fifth-grade level with 19% of high school graduates not being able to read. Another crucial issue that affects everyone around the world is the availability of energy and the efficacy of generating it.  

For educated adults, some of whom were elected to political office, to continue to deny the existence of global warming and climate change in the face of the ostensibly overwhelming evidence is simply embarrassing. However, truth is not a democracy and the planet will continue to become warmer whether those people believe in it or not. The problem with their obstinacy is that it will hinder the efforts to ameliorate the human impact on the environment. Unless everyone is serious about doing their part, humanity may be condemned to learn the consequences of their actions the hard way. The reality is that as individuals, there is only so much that you can do but it is your responsibility to do it. If you run a business and you are concerned about your environmental impact, here are a few things that you should consider:

Whether your company uses Independent power systems or the national grid, wasting energy is not good. It harms the environment, and it is a great way to waste your own money too. A better alternative is to generate your own energy using solar technology. Depending on the model and the weather conditions, you can expect to comfortably have made all your money back within ten years. You may also be able to sell any excess energy that you do not use yourself, and the system could actually help you make a profit.

Another thing that you should do if you recognize that some aspects of your business are unavoidably polluting the earth is to invest in carbon offsetting projects. This may mean helping communities in poorer parts of the world with cookstoves or with finding clean water. You could also contribute towards planting trees and help to reverse the ugly and dangerous effects of deforestation.

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