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When modern offices are designed, special attention is given to the reception area. This is the first place new or existing clients see, and it reflects the personality of your whole company.  A messy and cluttered reception are will not create a good impression, where one that is clean and tidy shows that your business is interested in the way it is seen.

The layout, colors, and textures are all an integral part of the view clients will get of your business from the first part of it they walk into. Comfortable seating is vital, especially if they are going to have to wait a while before they are seen.

Use Your Design Budget Wisely

Business owners do not always realize the return on investment they will get from their reception area. Good quality flooring and furniture in this area will make sure that it does not constantly fall into disrepair. Having the right design for the space you have, from someone such as Perfect Practice, is also important, as then you will know that your budget is being used in the best way. The more you can get for your budget, the better.

It should be well lit. Natural light is the best of course, but if that is not possible, LED lights are the next best thing. A dull or dark room will feel cold and not welcoming at all, so use some of your budget to make sure your reception area is well illuminated without being too bright.

Always keep on top of the décor too, as chipped paint never looks good.

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Make It Look Professional

Your reception area should look professional while maintaining a friendliness that clients expect today. Most receptionists have many tasks to care of, but none should be more important than dealing with your clients.  They should have plenty of room so that if they have to interrupt something they are doing, they do not have to put it away while they are making sure your clients are seen to.

This would be frustrating for them, and that is likely to show to the people that are waiting. The receptionists should always be friendly and polite, and that can be difficult for them if every few minutes they have to put a job away, and then get it out again later.

Staff Morale

Entering their workplace through a pleasant reception area is said to help put your staff in a good mood. That is a great start to the day for them, as they will be more motivated if that is the way they feel. Happy workers are productive workers, and that has to be the best for your business.

When you are considering what to do with your reception area, remember it is a crucial part of your business. It is where new and existing clients enter your premises, and if it is not warm and welcoming with helpful and friendly staff, they may just walk straight out the door they came in by.

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