A craftsman is only as good as his tools. This is even true in the digital age. Tools aren’t merely those found in the red box in the garage. Modern tools include software, sensors, and gages as our workbenches now include digital equipment. This is a new age for the precise craftsman, engineer, or tinkerer.

Gone are the days when a simple wooden ruler would suffice as a measuring instrument. Today’s work requires precision as well as versatility. Our projects are more complicated and our tools should reflect that. But, precision measurements must come from experts, like those provided at Durham Instruments, Durham Instruments provide personal attention as well as precise calibrations so you know you are not alone once you have chosen them.

Measuring also means weighing. If you can’t weigh precisely, measuring precisely becomes less valuable. In order to ensure your weighing is as precise as your measuring, buy gage blocks. These blocks help ensure that your weights are accurate and therefore your work is precise.

In this digital world, there are now sophisticated tools available to everyone that are extremely powerful and can help troubleshoot and resolve issues through software and digital equipment. Along the way, you might become a virtual expert using these modern tools. Onsight is the state of the art when it comes to diagnostic equipment integrated with global connectivity. Its high tech applications can help you diagnose a problem from around the world.

The world is changing. These changes often recreate our projects in new forms, but our desire to be excellent and precise doesn’t change, it only adapts to the new standards. The new standards require modern approaches and the tools that are necessary to accommodate them. Because there is always the right tool for a job. And even though a master craftsman never blames his tools, part of that is probably because he uses the right tool for the job to begin with.

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