Any business can put up a website and put client names in a spreadsheet. The difference between success and languishing is immense though. Using the right services to help your firm manage its IT and Search Engine Optimization, can mean success.

A law firm like, needs to both acquire and manage client lists. The firm does no business if those that have been injured, can’t find them. On top of this, their site is a hallmark to their excellent work by showing videos of happy clients, offering easy ways to contact them, giving a free book to download and showcasing their services. To respond efficiently, Valent Legal has back-end systems to track and make sure all new and existing clients are handled with the highest levels of service.

Good IT and Search Engine Optimization, make all of this possible for firms like Valent. You can be awesome, but your IT needs to be awesome too.

Chances are you don’t know much or enough about IT to make it work very well for you. If you did, shouldn’t running your business be the first order of business? Networking, file sharing and utilization of the cloud for data protection, are all musts in business. If you have people out doing sales, facilitate that with strong CRM software that works across the organization. Accounting, resource planning, production management, HR, learning systems, CAD, service desk, etc.; the list goes on and on for parts of your organization that benefit from an outside IT firm, like Zycom managed it services, that excel in the areas that your company doesn’t. Your employees and your bottom line will thank you for using a specialized IT firm.

Great! Your insides are running smoothly. None of it matters for companies like Valent, without being found. Great SEO companies, like Ignite Digital, are the pros to call to ensure you’re being found online. Companies like Ignite will review what others in your marketplace are doing; what keywords they are using, open gaps in the keyword sphere, where others are ranked in search engines and how they are achieving their rankings. With this comparative information, your company can be tailored to be found, move up in the rankings and receive monthly reports on performance.

It pays to be found. Being found before your competition pays even more. Make sure you have professionals with an IT plan on your desk right away.

You have an awesome business. Make it even better. With great systems, you’ll have the machine needed to capitalize on all the new clients your improved SEO is bringing you.

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