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Choosing the right tools can help you to make your business more efficient and productive. Managing your employees is a big task, but by selecting software that works for you, you can make it a lot easier. There are several different aspects of employee management to consider, from scheduling and pay to create workflows. While you might find a tool that rolls all tasks into one, many people prefer to choose separate software that does each job exceptionally well. You can usually integrate different tools so that you can see all that you need to in one place, without having to keep switching between windows.

Manage Payroll

Payroll is one of the most important things to manage for your staff. You need to make sure that everyone gets paid on time and receives the correct amount, plus manage any benefits or taxes that might come out their pay. Ideally, you might have dedicated payroll staff, but some small businesses rely on an office manager of general administration employee to handle payroll. The right software can be helpful to anyone, whether the business is big or small. Payroll software should make it simple to pay everyone on time, and some tools, like Gusto, even feature benefits administration too. Being able to manage both pay and benefits at the same time is handy.

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Ensure Policies and Procedures Are Followed

Every business has its own policies and procedures that they need their employees to follow. If you don’t, you should. Some of them might be based on government and industry regulations and standards. Others could be unique to your business and based on the standards that you want to set. Either way, policy management software makes it easier to implement and manage them. You can review and test your policies to ensure compliance across the board using more efficient methods. Keeping your written policies separate from your other documents helps you keep everything in order.

Schedule Shifts and Time Off

Making sure that you know who will be working and when is vital to your business. Whether you manage shift workers or you just need to know when people are going to be on vacation, you need to have the right tools to manage people. Scheduling software can help you to schedule everyone’s shifts without any clashes and make sure that all working hours are covered. You can use general HR software for managing vacation time and other time off, but scheduling software offers this function too. Choose a tool that allows access to employees so they can manage their own time.

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Create Workflows

Managing everyone’s workflow gets trickier as your organization gets bigger. A tool like Kissflow can help you to automate everything so that you can keep everything organized. You can roll lots of tasks into one, with human resources, sales, finance and several other areas of your business all available to oversee in one place. Cloud-based software can make everything easier too.

Manage your employees and their time and money when you have the right software. The right tool can make a big difference.

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