There is enormous value in providing your employees with the right training. In fact, it can help your business be both more productive and efficient. Additionally, proper training can help minimise risk and ensure excellent staff satisfaction and retention. With that in mind, check out the post below, which details the top four most valuable types of training your business can provide to those that work there. 

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First of all, and perhaps the most valuable of all types of training if the scheme you use to onboard your workers when they first start with you. This type of training needs to cover the critical responsibilities of their role, as well as the ethos and rules of the company. 

The great thing about onboarding training is that if you do it right, you can make that transition from new employers to productive workers go as smoothly as possible. Something that should have a range of positive impacts, including increased productivity, happier employees, and reduced employee turnover. 

Health and safety 

Another one of the most important types of training that you can offer your employees is health and safety. In fact, in many fields, health and safety training is required by law. However, it is best if you don’t think of this type of training as just a box-ticking activity. Instead, let it be led by your company’s desire to preserve the safety and wellbeing of those that work for you. 

Of course, you may choose to run your health and safety training in the house. Although many employers opt to go to independent providers for this purpose. Something that means they will get a specialist to deliver the course and can also be much better protected legally if there is an accident. 


There are many jobs in which competent negotiation skills are essential, and its not just in roles that are directly related to sales. However, what many people do not realise is that negotiation isn’t an innate talent, but one that can be learned. 

In fact, by providing your employees with negotiation skills training, you can enable two things. The first is an increase in efficiency in their role. While the second is greater confidence in dealing with situations such as sales, conflicts, and even managerial issues. All things which can boost employees job satisfaction, and the efficiency of workers in their roles. 

Anti Harassment

Finally, training that most businesses cannot do without is anti-harassment. After all, the culture of work has changed significantly over the last 20 years. A situation that necessitates that employers be proactive about preventing this in the workplace. 

Of course, effective anti-harassment training will include clear guidelines as to what is acceptable or not in the workplace. Something that will ensure your employees are all on the same page. 

Additionally, it is crucial to ensure examples are given, and the consequences involved are detailed. Then, you can minimise the risks of occurrence, and make sure that your workplace is as positive and supportive an environment as possible. 

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