If you’re looking at moving into a new business venture that is perhaps a little more niche than the average ‘cafe’ or ‘shop’, then there will be many permutations associated with starting up in an industry less known or less popular than some others. Plenty of industry related businesses that lay within the realms of interiors, manufacturing and factory processing can be a little trickier to break, mostly down to the regulations needed to start up in business. Often you will need hefty insurance and good policies in place for the safety of your workers if they are using machinery that could be classed as dangerous or difficult to manage, manoeuvre etc. Industrial machinery can often also be very expensive so ensuring you have the right finances in place for those will be incredibly important. 

So what exactly do you need to look for if you’re looking at a niche industrial business? You will most likely need to begin looking at the types of business plan you need in place first before moving into the next steps. Presenting a good solid business plan with all the necessary finances will look attractive to any banks or investors. Know your figures. Know your niche. Know what you want to do and how you will execute it; as long as you know your plan and you have viable information and knowledge and a good set of skills then investors should come along; however, you may also need to look into the types of machinery and materials you may need. 

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If you are looking at manufacturing products, do you need machines such as forklifts, conveyor belts, cranes etc and how will these be used? If you are looking at internal manufacturing, such as ABS molding or are you installing electrical appliances, what types of leads and wires will you need. There are plenty of things to look and it is best that you discuss this and make a note of the things you will need as well as the costs involved with this. The rental of your building or the payment of any insurance will also be needed to take into consideration. 

The way in which you will market your company will also be vital in terms of how you plan on having the company circulated, how will people know you exist and what type of other industries do you need to target. For example if you make bath tubs, you may need to look at certain sellers that will work on a contract basis with you. Thinking big is fantastic, but you will need to have the written work to back it up. Your location, factory based may not be a huge location, you can work in a more remote location as long as you have the haulage to help you move your products from city to city but it may be good to look at any locations that are not helpful for your business before you start investing time and money. 

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