We’ve all heard the old adage ‘time is money’,  but in business this really is true. Your time is money, and making the most of it will boost your profitability and ensure your company is reaching its full potential. There are a number of ways you can make sure that you’re getting the most out of yours and your employees working hours and earning as much money as possible- here are some ideas for going about it. 

Go open plan in the office

While individual working still has its place, it’s no longer considered the optimal way of working. A more team led environment comes with open spaces will promote the sharing of ideas. Open plan environments tend to be brighter, airier, and more pleasant areas in which to work, which can boost worker morale and improve productivity overall. Unfortunately, coronavirus has impacted the way offices and the world in general works, so now it might not be possible to schedule any significant changes, ensuring you’re abiding by social distancing guidelines. But long term as the world returns to normal; this is something to consider. Happy employees make productive employees, giving them a nice space to work from is just one way you can boost morale and get the best from your workers. 

Update your hardware and software

There’s nothing that can stifle the flow of activity quicker than inferior technology or equipment stopping you in your tracks. Whether it’s outdated software that crashes, printers that jam or computers that crash, and lose information, these things can seriously affect your entire business. You need to spend money to make money, invest in new hardware and software so that your staff can do their jobs properly. You may need to update things like cabling with a company like as you go along to keep everything up to date. 

Outsource when you need to 

Even if your business is a smaller venture, as you grow, you might find that you struggle to keep on top of things, If so, now would be an excellent time to consider outsourcing and hiring other companies to tackle some of the workload for you. These are non competing companies to yours which specialise in specific areas allowing you to hire them to do individual tasks or run entire departments. For example, you could hire a company to deal with your marketing, so you don’t have to, or look into managed IT services. You could work with a freelance writer who will write blog posts for you, or utilise an accounting company to deal with your finances. It means you can continue operating without falling behind or having to go through the hassle of hiring your own employees (or more employees). It boosts productivity while staying manageable for you to run everything from the top.

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