There are many elements to running your business, some of which you’re going to be the leading authority on and some you’re probably learning on the job. But there are times in the business life of every entrepreneur when you need to ask yourself: how much can I take on and when should I call in some assistance?

If you find yourself working harder and harder just to keep on top of the working parts of your business, then it’s time to take a look at what you can do to help yourself and to help your business grow and thrive.

Be Realistic

You’ve come a long way through sheer determination and talent but it’s time to decide how you’re going to respond to this next challenge. Realistically, you have two options in front of you. Have a consultant come in and take on a project for you or start training an in-house team in the aspects of your business that you should think about handing over.

If the issue is likely to be an on-going one then having an in-house team is probably the best option, whether that’s to take on the role of your finance manager or manage your website, updating content and sourcing the best SEO Pricing, all the jobs you simply don’t have time to do.

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Finding Your Team

Transforming your business from a one-person set up to a company with employees is a daunting business and one that requires careful planning. There are many factors to take into consideration before you even begin to think about salary such as your insurance responsibilities as an employer and what benefits (if any) you’ll be looking to pass on to your employees.

Talk to a recruitment specialist about your rights and responsibilities long before you start the recruitment process to make sure you have everything in place.

When it comes to making your hires, you could continue and use the services of a recruitment agency to fill the gaps or bite the bullet and go through the process yourself if you can find some time to carry this out properly.

Make sure you clearly define what you need your team member to do and the role they will play in your business. Make clear what you expect, what your company culture looks and feels like and the basic details, including salary, holiday and sick pay in the event of absence.

When you need a team around you to help take the burden of running your business, make sure you think in terms of ‘team’ rather than just employees. Find people you click with, can communicate well with and who you know have grasped your corporate objectives. Find people who are willing to go the extra distance to achieving their goals.

Get a great team behind you and you’ll take your business further and higher than you ever dreamed possible. Stop struggling and start recruiting for a team that works.

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