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by Lina Martinez


When working in the realm of law, new cases are the foundation of all success. Without them, you cannot possibly accomplish major success as a business. Therefore, knowing how to attract clients should be one of the very first items on your agenda.

Choosing a legal representative is a major decision for all potential clients. They are quite literally putting the future of their business or personal finances in your hands. This is not a choice that will be taken lightly, which is why your firm must do everything it can to win the contract. Knowing exactly what clients want can help influence the manner in which you present your business. Here are the key elements of focus.


Specialized Knowledge

Clients know that all legal attorneys have spent years getting their qualifications. So, while education is a vital aspect of your development, it will only go a small way to gaining their trust. Most potential customers aren’t too fussed about your overall legal understanding anyway. In truth, it’s your knowledge of the specific field that truly helps your firm stand out from the crowd.

Once upon a time, most attorneys covered a wide spectrum of areas. However, the increased volume of cases in all fields enables legal representatives to narrow their area of expertise. Choosing something like personal injuries or automotive accidents may potentially reduce the number of people that show an interest. Still, if those sacrifices bring increased conversion rates and fewer wasted opportunities, it has to be a step in the right direction.



Positive Personal Appearances

As a lawyer, you will be tasked with representing your clients in the courtrooms. Unfortunately, nobody is going to trust you to take care of their future if you can’t even look after yourself. First impressions count for everything in all business transactions, and this is certainly true in the field of legal representation. Therefore, you cannot overlook the need to invest in this aspect.

Whether you like or not, attractive people emit a friendlier vibe. This is why staying fit and using a good beauty/grooming routine can work wonders. Aside from the standard practices, keeping your nails looking great can make a subconscious impact. Meanwhile, a well-tailored outfit generates connotations of success as well as attention to detail. Apart from anything else, looking good will make you more confident. This in itself can be hugely influential in all legal activities.


A Great Online Presence

Consumerism has changed massively in recent years, and the internet is at the heart of those evolutions. Even when it comes to something as important as finding an attorney, most people begin their research via online interactions. Law firm websites that work well will tell clients all about the firm and its reputation. Moreover, they achieve this with a professional and inspiring design.

The company website will always be the most important element, but it should be supported with strong SEO strategies. This ensures that potential customers will find your firm when they search Google for local firms. A strong social media game, combined with positive reviews on external platforms, will complete the task. When your online appearances are in good health, it instantly boosts your hopes with each interested visitor. In turn, it should help you beat rivals to the deal.



Suitable Workspaces

Visiting the firm’s office is a big moment for any prospective client. In most circumstances, they will leave this meeting with a very strong gut feeling as to whether your business is the right one to represent their case. A good impression here is the factor that will often get them to sign. It’s a harsh reality, but the location can count for a lot, even if it means going a little smaller than you’d like.

The interior design choices are crucial, and you want to create a professional and luxurious vibe. Safety and good organization are also very important features to remember. Otherwise, the whole business is struggling to maintain control. Celebrating accolades and awards can be useful while you should show a team atmosphere too. Finally, a water cooler and coffee machine can help future clients relax within this scary setting.


Great Communication

Clients rightly have many demands as they look to gain the best representation. However, none of the other factors will count for much without great communication. After all, people need to know exactly where they stand at every step of the legal battle. Even if you’re not available, a receptionist should be able to provide some comfort. The fear of not knowing is the worst thing for anyone.

That transparency doesn’t only keep clients happy. It actually means that there will be less hassle for you. In turn, this should enable you to take on more cases simultaneously without reducing your production. For plaintiffs and defendants, this counts for everything. Get it right, and you won’t just win more clients now. You’ll additionally gain the reputation needed to keep winning an increased number of cases over time. What more could any lawyer or attorney ask for?


Lina Martinez has her B.S. in Journalism and a regular contributor to our Politics, Life and Money sections. She once admitted over drinks to singing “Careless Whisper” in the shower. We are still trying to get her to sing it at karaoke.

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