By Jerry Mooney

Being a traveling business person is sometimes a choice, and sometimes a matter of necessity. You might need to travel to keep your business going, meeting with investors, making sales, and networking with collaborators. However, some people also choose to run a business while they travel. With the ability to access everything you need online, you can manage your business from anywhere. If you travel a lot, you’ll need the right tools to help you stay in touch with staff, clients, and more, and to get your work done. Take a look at these essentials if you’re planning on taking your business traveling.

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Cloud Services

The first thing any traveling business person needs is the right tools to stay in touch with their company. You can’t be out of the loop for long periods if you want to keep everyone happy and make sure it’s all ticking along. You’ll need to be able to access a variety of things, from important documents to payroll. Fortunately, cloud services and software make this so much easier. Using software like Office 365 means that you can access what you need, wherever you are. You just need to be able to get online. It makes it so much easier to work collaboratively, communicate, and always have the most up-to-date information.

Travel Router/Hotspot

If you need to get online to run your business, you need to have an internet connection available as much as possible. While choosing a hotel with free WiFi and checking for local internet cafes might be helpful, it’s not always ideal. Taking a travel router or hotspot with you can help you out if you’re struggling to get a stable connection. You might be able to plug it into your hotel’s wired connection or use it as an independent hotspot if you can’t find an existing connection to use. Having a mobile hotspot could save you when you’re in a tight spot, and you really need to contact someone or access an important file.

Mobile Devices and Apps

To access everything you need online, you’re going to need the right device. And that device will need to be loaded up with all your essential apps. Your smartphone, tablet or laptop won’t just help you get connected, either. It’s also invaluable for helping you stay organized and in touch with people. Most people will have a smartphone they can use to keep a calendar, make phone calls, take notes, and more. However, you’ll often find you need a tablet with a keyboard or a laptop to do everything you need to do.

A Decent Headset

A lot of your communication while you’re traveling can be done via email. However, sometimes you need to make a phone call or sit in on a conference call. Sometimes, you might have to do this in random locations, although it’s always best if you can hire a private space. Make sure you have decent headphones and a good microphone, especially for making online and long-distance calls. You might want noise-canceling headphones to block out any activity around you.


Before taking your business on the road, make sure you’re prepared. You should be able to stay involved with everything that’s happening.

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