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Going off-road often involves buying a specialised off-road-worthy vehicle such as a pickup or a 4×4, however you don’t always have to buy a new vehicle. With a few modifications, you could turn your current road car into a rugged adventurer. Here are just some of the main modification to consider when heading off the tarmac.  

Buy new tires

The most important upgrade you need is new tires. Off-road tires are thicker and more robust for dealing with rough terrain. They’ve also got better grip for dealing with slippery surfaces and steep gradients. There are lots of different off-road tire makes to choose from. Maxxis is one of the resilient brands – you can find out more information here: When heading back on the tarmac, you’ll want to switch these off-road tires for regular tires as the hard and hot surface can wear down off-road tires. It’s possible to buy hybrid tires that work on and off road, however these can be expensive.

Upgrade the suspension

Upgrading your suspension will help your vehicle to glide over bumps, making the rough terrain more comfortable and less punishing on your vehicle. There are various upgrades that you can make to your suspension. A robust rear axle could be worth fitting – you can find rear axle replacement services at sites like On top of this, you may want to heighten your vehicle’s ride height – if you’re too close to the ground, rocks and bumps are more likely to damage the underside of your vehicle. By far the most effective upgrade that you can make to your suspension is to fit shock absorbers. A good pair of shocks will help to dampen the judders and vibrations, putting less a strain on your car’s components.

Upgrade your bumper

You may also want to toughen up your bumper – this will help if you hit a rock or bump head-on by helping to absorb the shock. Bull bars are the most effective way of guarding your bumper. There are strict rules around the world when it comes to fitting bull bars as some are thought to encourage aggressive driving – this is something worth looking into before you buy a bull bar.

Bring an unstuck kit

Off-roading can have it’s dangers and its worth preparing for emergencies where you may find yourself stranded. If you get stuck in a ditch, its useful to have a tow rope on you for other vehicle to pull you out. You can fit a tow bar for other vehicle to latch onto easily and you can even fit a winch for helping other vehicles out – you can look into tow bar fitting at sites like Other things to bring with you could include a shovel for digging up mud, a jerry can in case you run out of fuel and a puncture kit for fixing punctures in tires. For your own sake, you should also bring lots of snacks when venturing off-road in case you get stranded for a long period as well as a first aid kit and portable charger for keeping your phone powered up.

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