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When we think of how much technology has changed it’s easy for us to see the difference even from year to year because technology is such a big part of our everyday lives and it’s definitely something that moves at an incredibly fast pace.

However, when it comes to science, we don’t seem to notice the difference as much. If we look back 30, 50 or 100 years, sure we could easily see the changes and positive impact of science in our everyday lives, but even though it moves as quickly and is just as significant as technology, we somehow see the immediate differences that science is making.

In this post, we’re going to share with you some significant ways that science has changed the world and how it actually works hand in hand with technology to make our lives easier in ways we probably often take for granted.

Higher life expectancy:

Even if we look back as recently as the eighties, life expectancy rates for some diseases were a lot lower than they are today, and this is thanks to science being dedicated to finding treatments and cures as well as research going into these diseases to, in some cases, eradicate them completely. However, if we look at life today compared with 100 or 200 years ago we can see massively how science has played a crucial role in the life expectancy we enjoy today. Everything from sanitation to vaccines and medications, as well as overall better awareness have made it possible for scientists to achieve amazing things using simple pipette filters.

Safer environments:

From technology and science working together, our roads, transportation, and even our homes are safer than they’ve ever been. Our water is safer thanks to scientists who are able to research and wipe out water borne diseases and help create systems and treatments that keep us safe. This is a massive difference if we compare safety standards and research development even to 20 years ago.


Although we have a lot of bad things happening within the food industry, science has enabled us to create more ways to feed ourselves than ever before. If we look back to Victorian times when starvation was rife due to things like the Irish Potato Famine, we have to be able to appreciate that had science been developed like it is today in terms of food production, then such things would never have happened.


Again, thanks to science and technology working together, the world is smaller than it’s ever been in terms of our ability to communicate – even if we look back to the beginning of the millennium, we have made massive leaps and bounds in the scientific developments that allow us to connect so easily with anyone at the mere touch of a button.

Exploration and understanding:

Whether it’s climate change, the universe, evolution, or simply a deeper understanding of science itself, we are now more aware of things and able to explore things than at any other time in recent history, and as technology and science continue to grow so will our ability to understand and explore the world around us – hopefully for the better.

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