So, you want to sell your home and want to maximize your profit. Or, you’ve had some unexpected news and need to revamp the home and make it larger, or you simply want to make the space you have work better for you and your needs. Whatever your purpose, there are many tried and tested ways that you can add value to your home and make the best use of all the space you have on offer. 

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Check out the basics

Take a look at your house and be honest, are there any real problems that need to be fixed before you should think of doing else. It may be worth having a professional come around because if there is an issue with rising damp for example, you are going to have issues selling for the price you want, even if you have added a beautiful outdoor space. So, gey any fundamental, and structural problems resolved first.

Cellar conversion

If you are lucky enough to have a cellar, then you should be making use of it. Get down there and clear out the rubbish to have a real good look at what you could do. Even if you don’t have a cellar at the moment, why not think about digging down into the ground and creating one. You will need to get this done professionally, obviously due to the foundations of the house, but adding a cellar, or converting one can add massive value to your home.

Give the front a facelift

Upgrading the facades, for example, will give the home a brand new feel. When people arrive to view their eyes will be drawn to the attractive look. There are promotions available at Bellriver Homes for you, if this interests you. You may also want to think about updating the kitchen and bathroom too.

Convert the garage

A lot of people tend to use the garage as a storage area. Well, if you want the home to increase in value, think about getting rid of the junk and converting this into another room. If you can extend one of the rooms all the better. Equip it with some big windows and allow in some more needed natural light, this will pay dividends. Even if you intend to stay in the house, surely having a beautiful big kitchen dinner is better than having a pound shop.

The garden

Whatever the size of your garden, think about having it cleaned up and made attractive if it isn’t already. A garden is a huge pull when it comes to buying a property. If someone can see a space that they can sit outside with, a glass of wine in hand in summer, they will be drawn to it. Think about adding some turf and some pretty flowers. Perhaps, upgrade the fencing. Moldy old wood is not going to sell the home. Maybe add a little patio and a seating area, give the viewer ideas, or yourself. Even if the garden is small, add some wall plants.  

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