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A product design degree is designed to give you the theoretical knowledge and background skill you need to be able to create new and innovative products. The degree is popular with those who like science, maths, and engineering but who also enjoy art and design and are popular with both men and women from a variety of backgrounds. 

What can you do with a degree in product design?

A product design degree can be used in a few different ways including directly and indirectly. Direct use of a product design degree can see graduates going into roles such as CAD technicians, exhibition designers, furniture designers, product designers and other more specific areas of design across a variety of industries. Indirectly, a product design degree is valued and useful for careers in advertising, engineering, graphic design, and media alongside a variety of other jobs that view product design degrees as an example of a candidate’s ability to think creatively but also critically. 

What experience do you need? 

A degree in product design is a great first step to getting into a creative role but usually, it is more effective when paired with some form of experience. Experience is often seen as a chicken or egg style situation, after all, how can you gain a job to get experience without experience? Well, in product design a few things to consider include asking local designers in your area who work in the sector you are interested in if you can shadow them or complete a placement with them – this kind of work is often unpaid, but some designers may be willing to pay a small wage for your help.

Alternatively, another way to show experience without getting a job is to apply for a product or industrial design competition which will allow you to showcase your work and skill and will prove valuable for helping you to build up your portfolio of work. Finally, keep an eye out for entry-level job positions often posted on graduate job sites, these job postings are searching specifically for graduates and so often understand that applicants will have limited experience. 

Consider a Master’s

Although there is a range of direct and indirect applications for a product design degree another option is always to go back into education to get a Masters. A Master’s degree can help you to stand out from the crowd and to gain more advanced positions regardless of your lack of experience. To find out more about a Masters in product design, click here.

Where to look for jobs

Once you have a rough idea of what industry you want to go into and the role you would like then the next thing to do is to start job hunting. Although you can always search for jobs easily online via job boards it’s often best to look through companies recruitment pages directly. Especially if you know who you want to be working for, applying directly through the companies website can make you stand out from other candidates.

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