You’ve been thinking about investing in property for a long time and now you’re here. You’re at the point of really going through with it. A word of warning however, because once you get bitten by the property business bug you’ll be changed forever. A word of caution as well, although property investing and owning is a very lucrative business avenue, it has to be done right. Real estate is such a complex industry which won’t be apparent to many newcomers because of the immense power properties have. Properties always rise in value year-on-year, so mistakes that owners make can be disguised by the added value you get from pretty much doing nothing. For your first task, you must figure out where you’re going to start your new property project? Forget about building, renovating or marketing for the moment, just focus purely on the location.

Going where the heat is

Of course every industry has a hotspot, where the most amount of money is going and where the most lucrative opportunities exist. For the real estate industry, it’s the city. Owning a property in the city is a surefire way of making a return on investment because more and more young professionals are moving to the urban areas of the world and tourism is always doing well in capitals. For example gestione airbnb Roma is how property owners can let their homes out to tourists that want to avoid hotels. With the help of airbnb you are given a service of improving the decor of the property so it can command a higher rate. They deliver a package service whereby everything is done for you, such as housekeeping services, tenant comms, check-ins and reservations. The booking and the care of the occupiers is taken care of from their management system. 

The sea salt air

All across Europe, the humble cottage is making a valiant comeback. These older homes were seen as too small to be a good investment for most of the property industry. But times have changed and now tourists are willing to stay in smaller places in the countryside as long as they are in prime locations to do all the sightseeing they wish. Much like tourists renting properties in cities for their holiday, they are doing the same in the country. It’s a good idea to buy a country cottage somewhere close to the seaside as this provides you with a constant stream of customers looking to rent. The sea salt air, great historical sights and a cosy cottage to sleep in, with all the privacy you will need is one of the most popular ways to have a rural holiday these days.

Remember to look up

High-rise apartment buildings are being built in huge numbers all across the world. Urban cities are building upward rather than spreading out. Buying apartments in newly-built towers is a concrete investment as wealthy tourists and travelers will want to stay in the city and pay extra for a great view. Excellent contemporary decor is also something that comes as standard in such prestigious apartments.

The location is more important than the property itself when it comes to urban property investment. However, you also have small humble cottages that provide excellent renting opportunities for tourists.

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