Do you ever stop and wonder what the future of the world will look like? It may surprise you to learn that we can already make educated guesses about how the world will be ten, twenty or thirty years from now. We can do this by looking at tech trends that are shaping the industries right now. Let’s explore how this works, by examining where the roads we travel on every day will be in a few years and what they will look like.



You don’t have to be psychic or an expert to suggest that all roads are heading towards a driverless future. This technology is already on the market right now, and you might even have it in your car. Most people can’t afford a truly driverless automobile so they’ll settle for lane assistance for now. But this tech is still linked to a car that can drive itself. It uses the same type of processes to ensure that you don’t need to be in control all the time. Right now, driverless cars are still the minority on the roads. One only has to look at the market for hybrid and electric vehicles to know we’re a good few years away from driverless being the norm.

As well as this, a truly driverless car won’t need you to have your hands on the wheel. This is a necessity right now, but producers and developers are working towards the goal of removing this need. In our lifetime we will no doubt see the introduction of a truly driverless car, and at that point, more changes should be expected.

No Speeding

Ask any accident attorney, and they will tell whether you’re in a car accident, in a truck accident in or a bike accident, speeding was probably a factor. When trucks speed, it’s particularly dangerous because of the weight behind them. However, as we move towards driverless vehicles, this will no doubt change. We will see driverless cars fixed at certain speeds that are deemed to be safe. They will no doubt be able to travel at a faster average speed than a driver can safely travel currently. However, this will not occur until the cars of today are all without drivers. That doesn’t just require a market shift and a reduction in the cost of tech. It would require new laws and regulations as well.

Fewer Accidents

Of course, by transforming the vehicles we drive, we would expect there to be fewer accidents and certainly fewer fatalities on the road. You might find that fatalities disappear completely and some producers have already set their target on this goal. Volvo hopes that by 2021 there will be no fatalities in their cars and that is certainly based on the incorporation of driverless tech.

Super Smart

Finally, roads are definitely getting smarter. Machine learning will allow roads to predict traffic issues before they occur and change accordingly. Theoretically, this could make issues like congestion and gridlocked traffic problems of the past. This tech is already starting to be implemented, but we’re not quite at the point where traffic can be avoided altogether. Although, that day is certainly coming which is fantastic news because right now we waste a massive portion of our life stuck in traffic

So while we may never see the flying car, we can certainly expect great changes and advances on the roads of the future.

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