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Self-employment brings many career benefits, but it can also bring a great deal of stress. This is particularly evident when your earnings start to decline in spite of working the same number of hours. 

Unlike most traditional jobs, your salary doesn’t necessarily correlate with hours worked. Therefore, identifying the reasons why your earnings have dropped is essential. Here are five of the most common reasons, along with what you can do about it.

#1. Boredom

Productivity levels are heavily influenced by motivation. So, if you’ve lost the passion for your work and feel disengaged with the work, it will show. This is a far bigger problem for self-employed people, which is why you need to find a way to overcome your boredom. If you cannot rediscover your enthusiasm and engagement with the work, it may be necessary to change your career. The average worker experiences seven changes in a lifetime. It’s OK to take a step back before progressing once more.

#2. Outdated Equipment

Bad workers aren’t the only ones to blame their tools, at least not when the equipment holds you back. If investing in new machinery or upgrading your computer can increase your productivity, you must not ignore it. Saving money by persisting with the old equipment is very counterproductive if it reduces your earnings. Besides, the new equipment and tools are genuine expenses, meaning you’ll gain some tax relief. Apart from the impact it can have on your productivity, the improvement will significantly reduce your stress levels.

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#3. Outside Distractions

Time is the most valuable resource at your disposal. If you’re not careful, though, you can lose several hours to assignments that do not directly impact your earnings. When you find yourself fielding lots of calls, using a virtual assistant can work wonders. Fighting for financial justice following accidents is another example. Allow experts like Hadley Law Firm to take care of this issue, and you can focus on the jobs at hand. In addition to the physical time savings, a clear mind will enable you to squeeze more into your days.

#4. Increased Expenses

Profit is a two-way street. While it can be a little daunting to start asking the client for more money, it may be necessary if your overheads have increased. From office rentals to energy rates and gasoline prices, inflation will see your outgoings column increase. Naturally, then, if the revenue doesn’t grow to reflect this, your earning will keep falling slowly. Sadly, with living costs rising too, this cannot be a suitable long-term strategy. If an increase in your rates can be justified, you should not hesitate to make the change.

#5. Image

As a self-employed contractor, you need to impress prospective clients and temporary employers on a regular basis. If you have seen conversions fall, it could be due to a stale image. Reinventing your online presence can be one of your smartest investments. Experts like Ideal Insight can create engaging visual content to generate leads and make people aware of your brand. When supported by a change of vehicle, work suit, and grooming ritual, success is assured. Not only because it alters the way others view you, but also because it changes the way you feel about yourself!

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