There are a whole host of key components which go into making a business successful. Nowadays, one of the main areas of success revolves around a thriving online presence. This is because practically everything is online now and people see the Internet as a much more convenient tool, especially when it comes to finding and purchasing different products and services.

First impressions count

The main part of your company’s online presence will obviously be its business website. The first thing you see when you open a web page is the way in which it looks. If this first impression is a negative one then the chances are the individual viewing your page will simply close it and head to an alternative website. You need to ensure that your site looks clean and organized, that it has a strict colour and font scheme and that it is altogether pleasing on the eye.


Another important aspect of the web design of your site is how user-friendly it is. You may have a stunning web page, but if it is impossible to use and navigate then your potential customer will simply give up and go elsewhere. As has been said, the internet has become so popular largely because of the convenience it brings with it. Nobody wants to spend time and effort trying to figure out how to use a site because it is simply too confusing and complicated. There are a number of different ways you can enhance the performance of your website. It’s not just about navigation – it is about speed too. From using a VPS to host your website to compressing your files and discarding Flash, there are a number of ways you can make your website load quicker. You also need to think about matters such as website security and the trust signals displayed on your site.

Brand message

In addition to this, another reason why web design is a crucial area of your company is that it gives an overall feel and impression of what your business and brand message is all about. If your website has a friendly and welcoming feel to it, then people will assume that your company mirrors this too. On the other hand, if your website is boring and uninspiring, then this will obviously reflect badly upon your business.

If you want to have a successful online presence, which let’s face it you’ll need if you want to be competitive in today’s current economic climate, then you need to seriously consider the look and design of your website. Web design is absolutely crucial in ensuring that you leave your potential customers with the best possible impression of your company. 

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