By Lina Martinez

There are times in business, whether you’re a business owner or a freelance worker, where you may realize that things have sort of come to a stand still. There are a few reasons this can happen. Knowing the causes and then working to overcome them will help you to improve productivity and workflow massively.

So, why is your workflow stagnant? Read on to find out…

No Automation Processes

Automation processes are the key to getting things done much faster and more efficiently. Take a look at some things you do every day. Chances are, there are systems and programs out there now that do them faster and more efficiently than you! If you’re not making use of these processes, you’re wasting time. You can learn about DataServ to get an idea of the sort of programs out there that most businesses can use. Money could be well spent on these things.

Doing The Same Old Mundane Tasks

Not only can you find automation software and processes to help you, you can also outsource certain tasks. Don’t spend your time doing mundane things you don’t enjoy, or making your staff moonlight in roles that they didn’t even sign up for. If you don’t want to hire another person, then outsourcing is the safest and easiest way to go about it. You can outsource for just about anything these days!

Inadequate Employee Knowledge

If your employees don’t feel like they’ve been trained enough or aren’t getting regular training that they need, this could be to blame for your stagnant workflow. Make sure you stay on top of training your employees regularly, even if you think you’ve taught them all they need to know. Refreshing their knowledge will be helpful, and perhaps even investing in things like team building.

Employees/You Aren’t Allowed To Be Creative

In order for somebody to output high quality work, they need the space and opportunity to be creative. This goes for both you and your staff members. Make sure you create a great space to work in, and that there’s a ‘chill out’ area where people can go to take some time to themselves. Rather than slacking off, you should find that they return from this area with new ideas and a new perspective on things. You just need to give your staff or yourself this leeway and trust that it will work.

Too Many Distractions

If there are too many distractions, then workflow is going to suffer. Just about anything than cause a distraction these days, from our smartphones to our emails. Ideally, getting real work done in the morning before checking emails or the phone will be a priority for everybody. Emails can seriously slow a worker down. Distractions could even be a badly thought out collaboration system, or a badly designed system designed for employees to work on certain tasks. Make sure you take their opinions into account when finding out what can be improved.

Ready to get your workflow back to a positive state? Use these ideas!

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