Hey, we’ve all been there. Stuck behind traffic, and even though you got up early to go to work here you are, a mere 5 minutes away from being late. Finally, you get a clear opening and brief stretch of road that is completely empty. It’s tempting to put your foot through the floor and just speed up to way above the speed limit. But you may actually regret it because police know exactly what they’re doing. They don’t just pull over anyone who they think is doing 1 or 2 miles per hour above the limit. They have ways to make sure they bag the right person and for the right reasons. It isn’t just the police who intend to maintain law and order on the streets, it’s also residents who may wish to keep their street quiet. Residential speeding isn’t as common as it used to be because now there are so many people watching and reporting. They have the evidence to back it up too. So, before you speed next time maybe you should consider what could happen to you.

Modern police vehicles have a lot of technology that makes them almost giant computers on wheels. However there’s one trusty item that every policeman has with him to make sure they have the right suspect when giving out a speeding ticket. A police radar gun, is used to measure how fast a vehicle is going. Not only will the laser lock on to your vehicle but it will measure distance and how far or near you travel toward it for any given period of time. The policeman will get an instant reading of exactly how fast you were going and have it recording and logged directly into the system. The date, time, speed are all logged instantly. So you can’t use that excuse of ‘sorry officer, you’ve got the wrong guy’ anymore.

We can’t always control the world around us and the roads are certainly not one of those areas. Think twice before you speed because accurate readings of your vehicle is commonplace and cannot be denied in court.

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