Does your business have a lawyer on speed dial? You do need to find somebody, not only for those times when you need to get out of a legal jam but also for those times when you need specialist advice to help you stay on the right side of the law within your business.

To explain further, these are just some of the reasons why your business needs a lawyer on speed dial.

#1: To protect your good name

Not everybody who is accused of wrongdoing is guilty. You will know this yourself if you pay regular attention to the world’s media, taking the example of people like Peter DiTommaso who rightly fought to prove  his innocence. There may be times when you are mistakenly blamed for something, and times when you might even face court proceedings as a consequence. To salvage your reputation before things get out of hand, a good lawyer will fight your case, give you legal advice on what to do, and get you out of the scrape you have found yourself in before your name, and your business name is dragged through the proverbial mud.

#2: To reduce legal damages

You can find legal templates online to use and you can follow all of the guidelines laid out for your business as best possible. However, there are times when mistakes may be made within your business. You might face a personal injury claim from an employee or customer, for example, or you might have accidentally infringed on another company’s IP. Or there might be times when mistakes haven’t been made. You may have foolishly engaged in behavior that brings you into trouble with the law, meaning you only have yourself to blame. Whatever the case, a good lawyer will fight to mitigate damages on your behalf. You can then learn from the terrible experiences you have been through, and use the advice of your lawyer to ensure you don’t fall into the same traps again.

#3: To support you with employee issues

To avoid legal repercussions when dealing with your employees, you must always listen to their complaints. If they come to you with a health and safety or bullying issue, you can preempt compensation claims before they arise. However, should an employee file for compensation, you will need a business lawyer to assist you, regardless of your blame. You might also need the advice of a business lawyer when drawing up employee contracts, dealing with illegal employee behavior, or when firing an employee, so you don’t make any mistakes with the processes involved.

#4: To draft any kind of contract

We have already mentioned employee contracts, but you might also need to negotiate a contract with a client, or with your business supplier. To protect your best interests, and to protect the interests of the people you are working with, a business lawyer will help you draft a watertight contract that mitigates the risk of any problems on either side. This is better than trying to draft a contract yourself, especially when you aren’t au fait with the rules and regulations that need to be stipulated.


We have highlighted some of the main reasons why your business might need a lawyer on speed dial. To protect your best interests and the best interests of your business, it is worth doing your research now, so you have somebody you can talk to right when you need them. You might only regret it if you fail to have the legal backup you may later require.

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