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It is no easy feat to make serious changes in any business field. However, some people are making big waves. The last few years have seen so many industries be disruptive with new technology, new ways to deliver products and services and micro businesses.

The tech industry has skyrocketed, to heights that no one saw coming. There are many people driving change in their own sectors too. Let’s take a look at some of the game-changing women of the last few years.

Elsa Bernadotte – Eco Queen

Zero waste is not only a buzzword, but it is also entirely possible. The founder of the Karma app, Elsa Bernadotte connects grocers, cafes and restaurants to customers who want to buy food products at massively discounted prices.

It has been labelled as one of the hottest startups in Europe and with good reason. Not only does this mean that the food waste created by the food industry is kept low (if they’re using the app, of course,) but it means people have to spend a little less on their own food shop and can cook and eat fresh food every day.

Unsold food is still fresh, but it no longer adheres to food standards set for many establishments, the Karma app fixes that.

Shao-Ning Huang – Funding Angel

The co-founder and chief angle for AngelCentral. The big name in making angel investments to smaller start-up companies. AngelCentral  works across Southeast Asia. This Singapore based company has well over 500 angel investors that have been linked to start-ups. Of those startups, most, if not all, are aimed at making positive global changes.

Not only is she making a significant impact on many a start-up with funding and finances, she also is a consultant to tech startups. AND, an avid supporter or women-founded companies.

Belinda Stronach – Sports Mover and Shaker

If you know about millionaires, billionaires and some canadian congress you have likely heard of Belinda Stronach. If not then her latest endeavour is set to change the face of the horse-racing industry might ring a bell.  As a lifelong businesswoman, she has a tenacious appetite for a challenge and a lot of smarts. This breast cancer survivor is the chairman and president of the Stronach Group (owners of Pimlico). She aims to bring Preakness, and then the entire industry into the 21st century. Which is no small feat. Implementing innovation and modernizing a sport will make a global impact and last change.

Ayah Bdeir – Inspiration For Younger Generation

LittleBits is the little innovation in around 70 countries right now, across 20,000 schools that are making a big impact. Ayah understood that children are forever learning and has created what is essentially electric building blocks. She aims to get more girls interested in Science, Maths, Engineering and Technology by getting creative and building what they want. Instilling confidence in kids that they can make things that they can imagine, and an impressive 40% of LittleBits users are currently girls.

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