Working smarter and not harder is one of those corporate-sounding expressions that gets flung around the world of business all too often, but is it just a cliché or does it hold any real advice from the average entrepreneur?

We take a glance at some of the systems you might have in place at your world of work and see if there are any ways you can make them work harder AND smarter for you.


How’s that company network working out. Are your employees constantly complaining about a lack of access to shared files and documents? Does your IT support fail to give you the service you need? If you find yourself up against it, when it comes to tech, why not consider something like Cloud computing to take your IT to the next level.

There are real, tangible benefits to Cloud computing that are more than just having everything in one place. For a start you also have the flexibility to allow employees to work remotely. They’ll be able to access their Cloud-based network from anywhere with a Wifi connection but stipulate that this connection must be secured and not open to prevent any potential security breaches.

You also have the advantage of less hardware and equipment in your office and consequently you won’t have the need to keep an in-house IT support team on standby. Cloud providers offer IT support 24-hours a day and can be accessed remotely.

Naturally, there are some negatives you’ll want to consider and that comes in the form of security. While there will be data protection measures in place, just how secure your sensitive files are on the Cloud depends entirely on the providers security measures and how regularly they are updated and patched. Your data is made all the more vulnerable when you or your employees access the Cloud on open networks, as discussed up post.

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Your team

How cohesive is your team working day-to-day? If you have people working remotely are tasks getting done efficiently or are you finding crossovers and missed objectives on a regular basis? The answer to creating a smarter working environment is to have everyone with smart software. From programmes to better manage your options data to shared task software that will help keep everyone on track. Your team is your best investment but also your most costly so review how effectively they’re working and how well you’re managing them.

Yes, it is possible to work smarter, but this doesn’t necessarily fall to you as the boss, it’s a team effort and as such needs to include everyone working towards objectives to achieve your shared business goals.

Think Cloud computing, more efficient and helpful software and breathe new life into staff members who might be floundering on the side lines. Get everyone working efficiently and your business will stop limping along but rather soar towards greater and greater successes, thanks to your smart thinking and even smarter changes to your working practices.

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