Whether you work for yourself or in an office, taking the steps to amp up your productivity can make a huge difference to your day. You’ll feel so much better about the amount you’re getting done, and you’ll have more time for yourself. You might even be able to find ways to make even more money because of the time you have spare, or get a promotion when your boss sees how hard you’re working.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to become more productive, the ideas below can help you.

Use A Timer

Sitting down and working for hours on end without a break can be daunting, and it can stop anybody from starting the things that really need to get done. Instead of thinking of it this way, why not use a timer? Using a timer can be a really effective way to get focused before you reward yourself with a little break. You could set a timer for 25 minutes and allow yourself a 5 minute break, or even 50 minutes and allow a 10 minute break. Whatever you do, don’t make your working periods so long that you need a long rest period, as this can mean becoming too disengaged from your work to get started again.

Change The Scenery

This is easier if you work for yourself. Changing scenery part way through your working day may seem like a hassle, but it gives more variety to your working day and the novelty can help you to get more done. Maybe you could do part of your work at home and the other part in a coffee shop. Sitting in one place for hours and hours isn’t great for productivity.

Drink Coffee

Coffee is a great tool when you’re feeling a little low on energy. It’s a psychoactive substance and can give you that extra kick you need to get going. However, you shouldn’t be tempted to try something stronger, like students seem to be doing these days. Doing this could mean you get in trouble for Illegal drug possession. Stick to coffee!  

Make A List

Make a realistic list with up to three priorities for the day so you have something to stick to. Anything else you get done will be a bonus!

Reward Yourself

Give yourself small rewards for finishing something, such as a hard candy, or a chapter of a book you’ve been loving.

Stay Away From Emails And Social Media

Emails and social media can suck all of the productivity out of you as your head gets filled with useless information that really doesn’t need to be in there. Just focus on your work!

Listen To The Right Kind Of Music

A focus playlist could help you to get more done. Music with few words is usually the best route to take. Upbeat dance music could also help you!

Stop Multitasking

Multitasking may seem like you’re getting more done, when you’re actually getting less done. It slows you down, so avoid it at all costs!


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