Core strength and endurance are essential to fighters. Core muscles not only make them look nice but also aid in movement and play as natural body armor.

However, many practitioners make mistakes while developing their body. After a few months of intense training. Their 6-pack raises to the level of the sea and their arm/leg seem to be bigger. 

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But these better outlooks are sometimes not functional, which is not hard enough to suffer an extreme strike. It is also not flexible enough to be able to dodge a complex attack.

Picking one trait to develop is not as difficult as core training. For example, going straight to the gym, doing proper pull-up following an appropriate lesson then you will get a good shape of your back. However, it goes nowhere in a real fight.

So What Is Core Strength?

Core strength is the strength of the entire body. It is about the connection, reaction speed, and cooperation between every single part of our frame. 

A man throws a powerful kick or punch and he still can control it, release it and pressure on it with immovable stance. Techniques play a big role in here but not all, the major responsibility comes from core strength. 

If you successfully build core strength, you will have more explosive power in all strikes that make a lot more KO.

Several combat sports such as Muay Thai and MMA have many fighters having the strongest Abs in the world. You can check out how strong it is on YouTube.

How To Build Core Strength?

The lesson is “don’t be rush”. It is extremely difficult and takes a lot more time to build a solid and undefeatable castle. You have to break your muscle daily then wait for its recovery to break again and again in the next week, month and year.

Your path to success is not parabolic, linear or bell curve but it fluctuates dramatically. Your job is to make sure, overall, the path has an upward trend.

Techniques and lessons from calisthenics are examples of training. These exercises force your body’s part to work at the same time, improving your body control.

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