In the modern age, everything is transparent. Our internet searches and general movements are tracked by our smartphones, internet cookies and general patterns that can predict future behaviors. This isn’t cause for paranoia; it’s just the world we live in these days and will continue to live in as long as the internet exists.

However, it is worth knowing that sometimes, scammers or people of an unscrupulous nature can take advantage of this whole process. It’s important to identify how to supersede their attempts to steal information, or otherwise, act in a fraudful way that will affect your business and the end result the client experiences.
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These safety tips will help your business stay protected for the whole of its lifespan, however long that may be.

ID Verification

Jumio ID verification software allows your customers to easily authenticate who they are and give you the peace of mind that you’re not interfering with the normal user interaction of your online store. These processes are quick and easy, but allow your business to give confidential client information to the right people, and help prevent account hacking like some of the biggest firms are susceptible to. This will be adopted more uniformly in the coming years, so it’s best to get on the wagon early. Even government departments are starting to use voice authentication for their telephone support lines, so it’s not hard to see how close this trend is.

Email Verification

Email verification allows your customers to provide a secondary form of validity to the online accounts they create with your firm. This is standard practice in preventing spam or bot accounts to be created en masse, which can drive your support and IT departments insane trying to prune them all. Legitimate users are a benefit to yourself and other customers, so be sure to make sure all accounts that sign up to your service are who they say they are.

Browser Certificates

Web browser security certificates allow your firm to prove to the visiting customer’s PC or phone that your website is legitimate, and passes antivirus checks. This is a great way to show your customers that you are a company worth doing business with. If you can implement it, try and enact a ‘https’ web address prefix rather than a ‘http,’ as the former is encrypted and the second isn’t. Encrypted communications reduce the ability of those snooping on the website interaction.

Provide Confidential Billing

Allow your clients to opt for a ‘confidential’ option on the invoices you send, meaning that the client has the opportunity to be discreet if they’d like to be. This doesn’t need to only apply to purchases that are embarrassing, and people would rather want hidden. There are many reasons why a customer might want to be discreet about buying something. Afford them that opportunity.

These considerations will allow your business to be a secure business worth transacting with.

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