If you are getting ready for a road trip over the summer, whether for business or for pleasure, then there are plenty of things to be planning for. The route, pit-stops, planning what to pack, and driving safely are all things to be thinking about. So one of the things that you can think about doing is making sure that it is a fun and safe drive, regardless of where you’re going. So here are some top safety tips to help you plan, have fun, but be safe.

Buckle Up!

This is something that might seem really simple and basic, but making sure that you buckle your seatbelt is such an important one; it can save your life. So even if you’re going to be driving for a long time and the seatbelt can feel a little uncomfortable, then you need to remember to buckle up. Accidents in a car or truck is one of the number one cause of death in the US, as any trucking expert could tell you. But when you wear a seat belt, you reduce the risk of injury by half. So everyone in the vehicle should be buckling up!

Give the Car a Clear Check

Before you head off on a long journey, then you need to check if your car is road worthy. One thing to do before you go on a long journey is to check a few specific things on your car. It could be a good idea to check at a local garage if you’re not too sure what you’re looking for. Otherwise, you could quite likely be able to do things yourself. Some of the things that you should be checking are:

  • Checking your tire pressure
  • Look at and check the tread levels on the tires
  • The oil levels in the car need to be checked too
  • Are the wiper blades working, just in case you experience some hazardous weather

It is so important to make sure that you deal with anything before it gets worse, so if after these checks there are a few things left wanting, then get them resolved before you head off on your journey.

Make Sure You Rest

Driving when you are tired is something that is really dangerous for you, as well as for other road users. When you feel tired, your ability to react in a timely manner and make some decisions, as well as keep your car in the driving lane that you are meant to be in. So making sure you’re rested before going on your trip is so important. But it is a good idea to think about things like medication that can cause you to become drowsy. So have you been taking any for things like hayfever or allergies? They should be avoided when heading off on a long trip. Boredom can also cause problems and sleepiness, so having things like music to listen to is really important, as well as having passengers stay awake with you, if you need their help and support.

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