Happiness Is The Path, but…

There is a secret within us that typically takes a great deal of unraveling to discover. I’ll just blurt it out though, not that anybody will listen, but here it is. Happiness is the only achievement. Money, fame and power are attempts to acquire happiness, but their ironic result is generally the opposite: misery. Why is this? Because we confuse desire with happiness and expect that fulfilling our desires will make us happy. But, there is no path to happiness, happiness is the path.

My Ramen Evolution

When I went to college, the earth was still flat, the internet was called a library and fossil fuels were leafy greens you fed your pet brontosaurus. In addition to living during this curious time, I was poor. Not like, I had no shoes poor, more like, stealing from the take-a-penny tray at the convenience store to pay for my emergency Tootsie Roll poor, but poor nonetheless and definitely one of the 14.5% percent under the federal poverty threshold.

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