When it comes to decorating the home, once you have gone through the jobs of painting the walls, changing all of the furniture and messing around with your technology, there will be one thing missing from the wall which you need to bring into the space. Art is a wonderful thing to finish off any room of the home and it is usually the ideal way to show off your character and your personality too. Here are some of the things you need to think about when trying to choose art for the home.,

Think color scheme

The first thing you need to comply with when it comes to artwork is, of course, the colors you already have in the room. If you have a room which is largely made up of early tones and natural colors. Placing a bright neon pink painting on the wall might look out of place. Pay attention to the colours you have on the walls and with accessories and use this to choose a piece of art which is in keeping with the tone and theme of the room.

How much space do you have?

Space is a huge factor when it comes to choosing a suitable piece of artwork for the home because the size of the piece can run the risk of either crowding the wall or being lost in a sea of blank space. Make sure you choose a piece which suits the size of the wall you have to fill and be sure that it feels in proportion to the room. You can use paper to make a replica of the size of the piece you plan to buy and place this on the wall to see if it will work.


Photographs are one of the most popular things to add to the home to make it feel warm, welcoming and homely. You can either buy art from a professional photographer such as Peter Lik and place that on the walls, or you can opt to have some of your own pieces printed and this will make your home feel full of life and love.

Prints and paintings

If you already have a lot of photographs in frames on your shelves or tables, another great idea for the home is to bring in some original artwork or prints from an artist. There are so many amazing sites out there such as Etsy which offer art from their own home and this can be a great way to bring some fun personality to your living space.

Make a collage wall

If you have a large blank wall space to work within your home, one wonderful idea which you can do is to create a collage with different frames and photos which can fill your wall with love and memories from different stages of your life. You can really make an amazing talking point every time someone visits the house, and as you make new memories you can update the photos you have the wall to reflect this.

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