It’s a debate old as time itself, we can always see when someone is unhappy in a relationship, and we wonder “why don’t they just get out of it?” But, it’s never that simple. We’ve all been in unhappy relationships, and sometimes we are able to muster the strength in which to get out of it, but why are there so many people who choose to stay?

Not Feeling Worthy

Why we choose to stay in a relationship that’s not good for us can say a lot about ourselves. Unfortunately, it can get to the point where we feel that we deserve this relationship, even if it’s mildly or extremely abusive. This is something that nobody should stand for, and remember, if you ever feel like this, and you are subject to abuse, there is always a way out. You can press charges, or you can enlist the help of lawyers, such as the Khonsari Law Group, to help you get the outcome you deserve. But because we don’t feel worthy, and we feel that we deserve what we get, this becomes a habit that can stay with us our entire lives.

Not Knowing What Else Is Out There

We can feel that this is it, as far as life is concerned. A lot of people feel like that, but nowadays, thankfully, it’s less prominent. Back in the old days, people would get married to the first person they would pretty much meet. But now, this can sometimes occur, because we have various misconceptions about what love and relationships truly are. But in this instance, it’s always best to trust our instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, especially at the early stages of a relationship, then it’s best to get out before you get in too deep.

A Sense Of Dependency

Once you’ve got in too deep, you are tied together in so many different ways. As such, you feel dependent on them to help you out, either because you are suffering financial issues, or you have a home together. And a lot of the time, we can feel that these all take priority over our own feelings of happiness. In a relationship, we can slowly lose some of our sense of self, because we feel the other person can fill in the missing gaps. And likewise, the other person may depend on you for a lot of things, and so, guilt is one of the overriding emotions if you are unable to provide them with the essentials.

People stay in unhappy and unhealthy relationships for so many reasons, but it boils down through a combination of these three factors. A lack of understanding of what is out there, combined with feelings of inadequacy, as well as being relied on or relying on the other person, can be a devastating cocktail of emotions that is difficult to get out of. Whatever the reasons to stay in a relationship, we need to ensure we get something out of it. And people that are trapped in unhealthy or abusive relationships can feel like they are giving everything over without anything in return. This is not the definition of a relationship.

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