It doesn’t matter whether you are fresh out of college, whether you have recently been made redundant, or whether you have had a high flying career for the past two decades, you should never stop learning. The quest for knowledge and renewing your skills is vital if you are to remain at the forefront of your chosen industry sector. You may choose to specialize, work towards an MBA or seek out a new talent wholly unrelated to your current work skill set. Consider your interests, professional acumen and goals in life to set a course for lifelong learning.

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Professional Qualifications

If you are wallowing on the middle management rungs of the career ladder, the chances are that your resume is looking a little stale. Without upskilling and partaking in some professional development, you may find that the most recent training you took part in was over five years ago. Employers seeking new members of staff want people who are fresh, full of innovative ideas and have a firm grasp of the latest methodologies appropriate for their jobs.

Think about enrolling in an evening class to brush up on your cybersecurity credentials, take some time out to study at uni part time, or think about reaching for an MBA. With a proven commitment to study, you are showing any potential employers that you are eager for a promotion. Apply your newfound skills in the workplace, and you could become an invaluable asset.

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Learning For Pleasure

It’s not always our jobs that dictate how and what we should learn. By looking at the career of a person like Philip McTigue, you can see just how varied life experiences can be. At all points throughout his career, learning was very much at the forefront of his motivations. He undertook a masters degree later on in his career, and is still hungry for a doctorate. You could choose to follow a formal learning path, or you could choose to learn experientially.

Traveling to new countries, meeting new people, observing new cultures and conversing in a different language is learning. You will understand more about the world, have a deeper appreciation for the people and things in it, and you will have changed as a human being. You could choose to take a sabbatical from your job if you feel like you are becoming stuck in a rut, to scratch that wanderlust itch.

Some people don’t want to travel but do have a yearning for more simple pleasures. If you’ve ever fancied trying out a new team sport, go for it. If you want to learn the piano, book yourself a taster lesson. And if you want to become an origami master, enrol on a course. Whatever you want to learn, there will be a way of achieving this. Learning fosters respect, is enjoyable and can make even the drabbest of days feel more worthwhile.

If, after reading this, you are inspired to take a look at your resume, get yourself out of a rut, or phone up your local adult training college, then you are taking your first step along the path of lifelong learning.

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