If you or a loved one is a committed member of the literari, there is no better time to look into book subscription boxes. The bookworm in your family might be difficult to buy for around the holidays since they’re always buying new books or cruising the local library for new releases, but you can get ahead of the curve by signing them (or yourself) up for a subscription box specifically curated by book lovers for book lovers. While you’re at it, you might treat yourself further by signing up for the best coffee subscription to pair with your new favorite novel.

Not everyone is blessed with a Powell’s right next door, and barring an opportunity to road trip and get the Oregon Coast experience, you’ll have to make do with local bookstores or online purchases. This is where subscription services are especially handy. However, not all are created equal, and certain book of the month clubs are preferable for fans of different genres. A YA fanatic and a mystery lover will undoubtedly benefit from signing up for different subscriptions. If you’re curious about becoming a member of a book subscription club, consider some of the following popular choices.


The YA genre has never been more popular. With an unbelievable wealth of subgenres ranging from indulgent boy band fiction to creepy paranormal romance to action-packed dystopia, this category is not just for kids anymore. In fact, the vast majority of YA fans are actually over the age of 18, and the premier subscription box for fans of the young adult genre is OwlCrate and its sub-company, OwlCrate Jr., for kids.

Founded in 2014 by passionate YA fans hoping to share lesser-known titles with a worldwide audience, the service has taken off in the past four years and grown into nothing short of a phenomenon. The tight-knit team of voracious readers and proud book nerds have made appearances at events including the Texas Teen Book Festival in Austin and BookCon in Chicago. Their motto is “no one is too old to read YA,” and they encourage readers to keep growing their TBR piles with carefully curated monthly selections of the best in young adult literature.

LitJoy Crate.

Though fantasy-oriented subscription company LitJoy Crate is still finding their footing, the relatively new subscription service appears to be thriving amidst a lot of competition, perhaps due to the fact that their team is especially passionate about high-quality storytelling and fine detail in literature.

LitJoy is staffed by a team of powerful modern women with an unironic love of high and low fantasy, and hope to create a safe space for escapists to indulge their wildest dreams. They enable readers to give them feedback and talk about books through their social media platforms, too, allowing the experience to feel a lot more personal.

Despite their love of the fantastical and fictional, the staff of LitJoy are firmly grounded in real-world charity. They have proudly partnered with NGOs to give back to their global community of readers and writers.

Book of the Month.

With a name as classic and forthright as Book of the Month, this service is guaranteed to offer a straightforward, no-frills opportunity to dive into the best literary offerings every month. Subscribers are certainly happy; Book of the Month is currently the top-ranked subscription service for literature lovers. Their motto (“Read. Love. Repeat.”) emphasizes the simple, traditional values that their company takes as gospel, and at affordable rates, enables virtually anyone to gain access to the best books imaginable. While primarily geared towards adults, there are plenty of books available via Book of the Month that are appropriate for teens.

This service enables book lovers to gain early access to new releases and debut novels from groundbreaking authors. Book of the Month truly opens doors that might otherwise remain closed to those outside of the literary world themselves. It’s a beautiful thing when something as simple as a monthly subscription can provide amazing opportunities to read great literary fiction, nonfiction, and memoirs before anyone else.

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