By Lina Martinez

We will all use technology from the moment we wake up each day. But in many cases, we aren’t always using technology in our lives as much as we could do. It is not necessarily meaning that you need to sit scrolling through your social media feeds more everyday. But more about how wisely you are using your tech. It can do a lot more for you than you think. If you’re looking to make money or are in a management position in your career, then using tech can have a massive impact on your personal and business capacity to make money.

So while there are many ways that you can use tech to help your finances, here are a few of them that you can start implementing today to help your bottom line.


Track Your Finances

Saving money is something that we all strive to do, but in many cases, it is so much easier said than done. But sitting and budgeting can be time consuming, which is where tech can come in to help you. There are so many products out there that make budgeting and tracking finances much, much easier. Using something like Mint allows you to have all of your finances, cards, and and loans in one place to track. Then monitoring it all can be much simpler, as many of us will have different accounts with different banks and lenders.

Tell You What To Invest

Saving money is a really good habit to get into. But if you’re just letting that money sit in your bank, then you aren’t going to get as much for it as you could elsewhere. So if you have some saved up, you can use technology to help you when it comes to investing. From checking stock ratings to getting the expertise from those that are more experienced than you, there are sites and apps to help you do just that. Stocks can be a good way to make some money when done well and timed right. But regardless of how you choose to invest, you just need to make sure that your money is working for you, rather than sitting there doing very little.

Selling Products or Services

At work or at home, I bet we all use tech to buy things from other people. Using a store’s app is a quick way to make a purchase, as well as looking what competitors are doing. But you can be using tech in the same way, to sell what you have. Or if you’re able to be selling but don’t have anything to offer, then you can always do it on behalf of a company who will pay you to sell for them. Marketplaces are cropping up regularly, so if this kind of thing is for you, then make sure you check it out.

Another way that you can make money through selling is by using affiliate marketing. The size of your business will depend on what you can make, but something is better than nothing, right? By sharing something you’ve bought and loved, it can create a small income for you too if people buy the same. Technology working at it’s finest!

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