Starting New Income Streams: Key Areas To Consider

Starting New Income Streams: Key Areas To Consider

By Nigel Hilton

When you happen to find yourself low on money, or you’re struggling to make your salary stretch, you may feel as if you have to suffer from the situation you’re in. But that’s not always the case. You don’t even have to pin all of your hopes on getting a raise from your job either. Although that’s definitely an avenue that you could consider, it’s not the only answer that can allow you to get more cash. If you want to generate some extra money, you should think about starting some new income streams. This way, not only will you be able to top up your finance funds, but you’ll also be covered should one of your streams dry up.

Sell Your Stuff

The first thing you can do is have a huge clear out, and then sell the stuff you no longer need. Whether you have rails and rails of unworn clothes, an attic full of antiques that you no longer want, or even a garage stacked with old toys, you can turn your stuff into cash quite easily. It can be a little laborious to go through everything and dig out what you no longer need, but when you find a load of stuff that you can sell and make money from, it’s always going to be worth it.

Start A Side Business

But you could also consider starting yourself a business on the side too. You may work 9-5, but you should find that you’re able to pull something worth some value in your spare time. Whether it’s selling something that you make yourself, or selling a skill that you have as a service, doing something on the side is often a strong way to make some extra money – and maybe even turn it into your full-time job in the future.

Turn To The Internet

If you don’t have much time to commit to a new project right now, you could consider trying your luck with some online money making ideas. There are lots of ways that you can get some quick cash injections online. From guaranteed betting solutions to filling in surveys and even earning cashback as you shop, every little bit should help.

Get What’s Owed To You

Next, you should think about chasing the cash streams that could technically be owed to you. For this, you may need to speak to either a personal injury lawyer or financial compensation professional. Whether you’ve been mis sold a product in the past, or been hurt, you should definitely think about pursuing each avenue to get what’s due.

Get A Second Job

And finally, you could always think about getting a second job alongside your 9-5. If you find yourself twiddling your thumbs in the evening, or you’re always free at the weekend, why not spend that time making money instead? Getting a second job, part-time, is a great way to top up your income and fill your time with something productive too.


Worries, Be Gone! How To Stop Losing Sleep Because of Money

Worries, Be Gone! How To Stop Losing Sleep Because of Money

By Jerry Mooney

The economy might be doing better than it has in recent years – well, definitely better than 2009 – but that doesn’t mean Americans have become a carefree bunch. In fact, we’re more stressed than ever before, and the cause of our stress is our old nemesis: money. Around 65% of adults say they routinely lose sleep because they’re worried about their bank balance. If you class yourself in this bracket, then you don’t have to accept those sleepless nights. By making a few tweaks to how you handle – and think about – your finances, you can make sure you sleep well. Here’s how.


Take Care of Number One

You’ll be getting paid each month for your work, but how much are you really getting paid? People see their salary go into their account, and then straight away use it to pay all their bills and monthly supplies, using whatever is left over for a few evenings of entertainment. You can hardly class this is as ‘being paid’! When your salary goes into your bank account, make sure you’re paying yourself first. That money is to be put away in your savings account, there only for you.

Stop Paying Everyone Else

It is all too easy to get overwhelmed with a number of bills we have to pay. We have so many outgoings that it’s hard to keep track of where all the money is going. But what if just letting all those automatic payments leave your bank account, you reduced the amount of outgoings? If you have you numerous debts, use a site like to consolidate the debts into one payment. Elsewhere, you can interrogate your automatic bank outgoings to see if any payments can be cut out altogether.

Get a Passive Income

A lot of people’s worries stem from a fear that they’d be left with nothing if they lost their job. While this will always have a negative impact, you can lessen its severity by adding another source of income. Should the worst happen, you’d still have some money coming in that can help you pay the bills until you find new work. If you can spend some time with your head in the books, you should be able to figure out the best way to invest your money to get a passive income.

Simplify Your Life

You’ll never have to worry about money if you don’t have anything to spend it on. Once you’ve got the basics of modern living taken care of, ask yourself if you really need the rest of the stuff that you’re spending your hard earned cash on. It might be that you’re worried about not being able to have the things that you don’t even care about.

Remember: It’s a Game You Can Win

Finally, remember that finance is a game you can win. While it’s easy to get bogged down with potential problems, you can always take one step back. Once you do, you’ll see that it’s not so complicated after all!

Some Clear Indications Your Business Needs A Little Push

Some Clear Indications Your Business Needs A Little Push

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By Nigel Hilton

One aspect of running a business which is commonly overlooked is the fact that there is always downtime. The development of any company is never entirely perfect, and it is almost always the case that there will be a number of hurdles along the way. There will be times when some outside help is required in order to keep the business afloat at all, and times when you at least need a little push to ensure that things don’t go south too fast. But recognizing those times when they appear is another matter altogether, and something which takes some practice. For a little help, take a look at the following signs.

Equipment Is Antiquated

The trouble with machinery is that it almost always becomes too old to be any use far too fast. This is most common with software and hardware for computers, but it can be the case for literally any kind of equipment you might use within your business. If you are starting to notice that the equipment you are using is actually causing more trouble than it is worth, that is a clear sign that you need a little help. If you look at you will see more on this subject. A good move is to bring in a systems analyst, who can tell you in an unbiased way exactly what you need. That way, you won’t have to worry about your machinery keeping the progress slow.

Investment Drying Out

When you started your business, you might well have had a little outside help in the form of an investment. If so, you almost certainly had a useful head start thank to that. But that doesn’t mean that such help will last forever. Sometimes, this source of finance dries out, and you need to look elsewhere in order to keep your books balanced. Sites like can be a useful source of good information on this subject, and it is also worth consulting a professional commercial accountant. They might be able to save you a lot of money – which is a pretty good start to solving the problem.

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Complaint After Complaint

If you find that you are receiving a lot of customer complaints, it probably goes without saying that that is one of the clearest signs that something needs to change. Complaints happen every now and then, and usually as long as you fix them fast, they are nothing to worry about too much. But if you find that you are getting an inordinate amount all of a sudden, you might want to take a look at your customer service practices. Again, outside help can really be the key here; you could hire a professional trainer to give your customer services staff a good refresh, or you might even consider an overhaul in staffing.

If any of the above signs crop up, you can be sure that going ahead and fixing those issues is a good next move. Work fast, but allow yourself the time to consider carefully what you are doing – that is often the key to success.

Should Small Businesses Accept Credit Cards?

Should Small Businesses Accept Credit Cards?

By Sharon Jones

If you are a small business owner, you may be starting to consider whether or not to start accepting credit and bank cards as a form of payment in your shop. This decision is a big one. It has the potential to improve your small business a great deal, and really put your shop on the map, but doesn’t come without its disadvantages. Here is a short list of advantages and disadvantages for you to consider if you are really thinking about accepting card payments in your business.

It Could Protect Your Business

Small businesses that keep a lot of cash on the premises are at high risk of break-ins and robberies. Having card payments as an option could reduce the number of cash payments, meaning that you’ll be able to keep much less cash on site.

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Customer Convenience

As shown on, there is a range of different credit card options available to your customers, all of which will be deemed much quicker and convenient than cash. If a customer comes to your store without any cash, and doesn’t have the option of paying by card, it’s incredibly likely that they’re going to leave without buying anything, so it’s better for you and your customers for the option to be available.


To be able to take card payments in your store, you will first have to set up an account with a credit card processing company. You will be charged for the use of this service, both with a one-off start-up fee, and a charge by transaction. Some owners make the decision to pass this charge onto their customers, but this decision could discourage customers from shopping with you.

Increasing Profits

If you have card payments as an option in your store, you are likely to have a lot fewer customers leaving without buying something. This will directly increase your profits, which you can then use to make further improvements to your small business, such as renovations or hiring more staff.

Sell Over The Phone & Online

If you have decided to accept card payments for your business, then you now have the ability to sell online and over the phone. This means that your products will be available for a much wider population of consumers, meaning that your sales and profits should increase as a direct result.

Not Cost Effective?

Some small businesses make the decision to stick to a cash-only payment system because card transactions simply wouldn’t be cost-effective. If you have regular customers that know you don’t accept cards, and so always turn up with cash, then there’s no point in paying out to be able to accept cards, when you make a regular profit without the option being there.

As you can see, there are much more advantages than disadvantages, but this doesn’t mean you have to accept credit cards. It all comes down to whether or not accepting credit cards would be financially beneficial to your business. If the answer is no, then don’t bother.

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The Ideal Sports To Play In The Home

The Ideal Sports To Play In The Home

By Nigel Hilton

Whoever said that sports are necessarily an outdoors pursuit? The truth is that there are a huge number of fantastic sports which you can play inside, and many of these are also delightfully easy to set up in your own home in very little time at all. Perhaps you have a kind of man-cave area of your house, and you are looking to kit it out with something a little different. Or maybe you are about to move into a new home, and you’d like some decent entertainment for when you get settled in. Whatever the situation, there are a number of great indoor sports you can easily make fit into your home. Let’s take a look at a few of the best.

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Indoor Golf

Although it is often ridiculed as somehow not being a genuine sport, the fact is that indoor golf is played all over the world by a huge number of people, many of whom are genuinely dedicated to it as a way of life. If you have never given it a go before, you might be surprised at how enjoyable it can actually be. For those who have never tried it, it can be a surprisingly difficult one to pick up – but once you do, you will find that it is actually highly addictive. The truly great thing about it as an indoor sport, however, is that it easily packs away and won’t take up too much space in your home. This does not need to be a permanent fixture in your home in order to get use out of it, so you don’t need to worry about stepping on anyone’s toes.

Pool & Others

Pool is one of the most popular games in the world, and it is not hard to see how you might be able to successfully bring it into your home. The truth is that there are few games which suit the personal home more than pool – although its counterparts, such as snooker and billiards, do probably come quite close. If you are thinking of having pool in your home, you will need to make sure you have a fair bit of space, especially if you want to choose one of the more luxurious high end pool tables. In all likelihood, you will need a spare room, or a garage at the least. But provided that you do find that space, you will find it is a fantastic addition to the home – and a great focal point for parties.

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Table Football

Originating in Germany under the name of Foosball, table football is one of those classic indoor games which don’t seem likely to go anywhere anytime soon. If you are a fan of this admittedly tricky sport, then you might well want to try and find a table to suit the spare space in your own home. Fortunately, you will probably find it quite easy to make it fit into your home, as the tables are not that huge and can usually be packed away pretty easily. But on the whole, this is a great way to bring the world of sport into your home in a fun and inviting way for guests.

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