Keeping Your Fleet Financially Light On Its Feet

Keeping Your Fleet Financially Light On Its Feet

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As important as your business fleet can be to your business, it can also easily be one of the biggest overheads to manage. Any vehicle can become a serious financial drain if you let them. Here, we’re going to look at how to keep the costs of your fleet light to make it a much more manageable part of the business, looking at both how you purchase your fleet and how you care for it.

Look at different ways to purchase the vehicle

If you’re looking at adding more vehicles to the fleet, then you should take a closer look at how you’re going to pay for it, as buying it one payment or financing it on your own credit may not always be the most affordable option. For instance, there are some ways that you can have the funding and ownership of the vehicle split with staff members. There are also fleet financing options such as hire purchase and contract hire. When it comes to financing a vehicle, just be sure that you’re aware of who owns the vehicle at the end of the agreement. If you’re dead set on making sure the vehicles become a company asset at the end, then financing a purchase might be the option even if it’s not the most affordable.

Take advantage of what deals you can

When you’re looking at vehicles, it might pay to consider going a little outside the box. By looking at the used and refurbished market, you might be able to find vehicles much more cost-effectively. However, if you look outside of the market of vehicles strictly meant for storage, you might find even more opportunities to save. For instance, you could look at used ambulances for sale and compare the costs with vans that might offer the same space. Add the costs of renovating it to suit your purpose and you might find that you still come out on top with some savings.

Take better care of your vehicle

Don’t just look at the cost. Look at the cost-effectiveness of your purchases, as well. If you take better care of your vehicle, then it’s going to last a lot longer and bring more value to the business. What’s more, a preventative maintenance schedule can help you cut the overall costs of repairs, reducing your overheads dramatically.  Keeping your fleet safe on the road is going to help you cut costs, too. Not only can you reduce the very expensive risk of accidents and collisions on the road, but you can track driver habits like over-acceleration and harsh braking. These habits can lead to more maintenance and replacements and by addressing them, you can reduce these behaviors thus cut down on those costs.

A commercial vehicle needs to be both built and maintained with care. Getting a good deal on a new vehicle might be all well and good, but it’s not going to mean much if the costs of repairs and maintenance soon outweigh any savings you might have made in the first place.

Outdoor Tech Gadgets That Everyone Should Own

Outdoor Tech Gadgets That Everyone Should Own

If you’re a lover of technology, that’s something that’ll probably extend beyond the context of your home. There are so many great examples of outdoor tech gadgets that can offer all sorts of things. For people who love exploring outdoors, making the most of the latest gadgets, both for function and fun, is vital.

We’re going to talk about some of the things you might want to consider owning and using if you’re looking to spend more time outdoors with friends and family. The right gadgets can completely change the ways in which you socialise and spend time outdoors. So, read on to find out more about the options you should own.

A High-End Remote Control Car

Remote control cars are no longer just for kids. They’re a whole lot of fun for the whole family. And you’ll definitely recognize that fact when you take a look at some of the high-end remote control cars on the market today. They’re incredibly sophisticated and can reach pretty high speeds. If you’re looking for some boys toys that family members of all ages can enjoy, this is a great place for you to start.

Waterproof Action Cameras

Action cameras like Go Pros and other such products are a whole lot of fun, especially when you’re outdoors and exploring. Nothing is more impressive than looking back at footage from your waterproof action camera taken as you were whitewater rafting or mountain biking through a stunning landscape. They’re a lot of fun and can help to create fantastic and lasting memories of great moments you had outdoors.

A Projector

A projector might seem like the kind of tech that you use indoors, but more and more people are now buying them for use while camping or even while enjoying an evening outdoors. Maybe that’s a good reason for you to invest in one too. A projector will allow you to all sit together and enjoy a movie under the stars in a communal way. It’s a nice way of recreating the drive-in movie theater experience on your own property.


If you still haven’t taken the opportunity to use a drone, that’s something that you should definitely change. And now is a great time because the technology behind them is improving all the time. You can click here to find out more about them and how you can find one that works for you and the kinds of uses you want to put yours to. As long as you’re careful and learn the ropes, you’ll have a whole lot of fun with them.

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Portable Mosquito Repellent

If you’re going to be spending a whole day or even longer outdoors, you probably don’t want to be bothered by mosquitos. Well, there are things you can do about that. There’s now a portable electronic mosquito repellent that you can buy. These devices are very impressive and protect the area around you, making them great for when you’re walking outdoors during the summer or when you’re camping overnight. It adds a little extra layer of comfort to your outdoor experience.

Solar Charger

Solar chargers are more important than ever before. We all rely on tech, even when we’re out and about exploring the outdoors. So being able to charge your devices using solar energy is a massive bonus. There are now even backpacks that come with inbuilt solar panels that allow you to charge up devices and power batteries while you’re out walking in the sun. It’s a green and sustainable way to remain powered up when you’re out in the wild.

Go Tenna

A Go Tenna is a device that allows you and the people you’re with to find each other if you get separated outdoors. This is important if you’re exploring a forest by bike or doing anything else that might cause you to get lost and separated from one another. Having an easy way back is a massive bonus and something you should make the most of using a Go Tenna device. Give it a try and see if it works for you. It’s an impressive bit of kit.

These gadgets are all a lot of fun or have a very impressive functional purpose that makes them great to use when you’re out and about. If you’re planning a camping trip or anything like that, all of these tech items will serve you well and enhance your trip in a whole host of different ways.

Improving Your Sporting Business

Improving Your Sporting Business

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If your business sits squarely in the sports market then you will probably have big competition. The world of sports is huge and so many people want to make it in the industry. Sports brings in a lot of money per year and the Sports industry is the second fastest growing sector for brands, outpacing the GDP growth of most countries. It is also believed that the sports industry in America will reach $85 billion in 2021. So what makes it so popular? More importantly, what is going to drive your business into the realms of popularity? Some first key things to note for your sporting business are the following:

  • Identify & Define – What type of business do you have any what specific sport are you targeting (if any).
  • Market Research – Who are you attracting and what is going to attract them to you.
  • Be Creative – This may seem tricky in the world of sport but creativity is still key.
  • Check out the Competition – Who are your competitors and what are they doing to make their business work? How are they bringing customers in and what are they offering? Know all your competitors inside out.
  • Hire the Right Employees – Your employees are the most important aspect. If you run sports classes, you want people to love their trainers and if they work in your gym, they need to be personable and friendly. Your personal trainers also need to have passion about what they’re doing. 
  • Social Media is Your Friend – Get social and online as this is a great way to reach out to people and see what they need. 

In addition to this, your premises have to look top-notch. Any type of sporting facility needs to look modern and spic and span. That sells! People want mod cons and easy facilities as well as a great place to get fit and enjoy their hobbies. If you have an outdoor area, get it looking amazing. Look at artificial turf installation companies and get the area outside looking impeccable. 

Your strategy is key. You need clear goals and need to focus on what you want in the business. Once you have a great place of work and the business is coming in, it could always be doing better. Reevaluate your strategy and see what could work best for you. Competitive strategy is the search for a really good position in the industry. It also aims to establish a profitable, sustainable advantage against others in the game arena and give you a leg up in the industry. It’s a tough one to crack, so what can you do to make sure you stand out? Don’t undersell yourself or charge less, because you know your worth but it’s good to look at where you can make cuts and improve things for the better to make your customers happy and also keep your staff happy. They are going to be the ones who make or break you. Have a strict employment strategy too; and you’ll be on the road to success. 

Is Medical Accounting a Lucrative Profession?

Is Medical Accounting a Lucrative Profession?

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There’s never been a more fraught time to be working in the medical industry. But the pandemonium notwithstanding, those working on the bookkeeping side are sure to have their hands full for the next several months, if not years. However, accounting is a profession few people are willing to dip their toes into, and who can blame them? Unless you have a passion for numbers, the job itself will likely bore you to death. That being said, though, few people can say anything bad about the hefty salary and sense of order that come with the territory.

Larger hospitals invariably have in-house bookkeeping staff. Though, smaller medical practices may struggle to hire an accounting team who can help them keep track of their money flow. While it is possible to teach yourself the accounting and billing software to strike out as a freelance medical accountant, few practices will be willing to hire you without any schooling or experience to boost your credibility. Consequently, you–among other aspiring freelance accountants–may be out of work while smaller medical practices face growing accounting and billing issues.

More and more of these practices are considering outsourcing medical billing as a solution to this issue. But it’s hard to deny the immediate benefits of having your medical accountant working in geographical proximity to you. What, then, are the biggest pros and cons of becoming a medical accountant?

Lots of schooling

A lucky few make it in this profession as freelancers. While we don’t want to discourage your dreams, we also want to keep you grounded in the reality that you’re going to need a lot of schooling to become an accountant. Not only is the workload heavy, but education is ongoing. You’ll need to pass rigorous national accounting exams for your certification of choice. Keep in mind that all this education will exhaust you mentally, but it will also put a sizable dent into your savings (either that or a loan). Unless you’re prepared to accept the personal, financial, and educational responsibilities that come with the job, choose another career.

Straightforward career path

Despite the intensive and extensive schooling all accountants must go through, the career path is relievingly straightforward. This career stability is a welcome breath of fresh air in an increasingly entropic time. Nowadays, most people are lucky even to land a job that relates to their college major. The career trajectory of medical accountants is pretty uniform across the industry. Entry-level accountants usually stay in this position for three years before moving to either a tax accountant, senior accountant, or accounting manager. The top professions for this industry include senior accounting manager, senior tax manager, and corporate accounting manager, all of which take an average of ten years to reach.

Accounting in any industry is always a solid career choice. But more than ever, smaller practices in the healthcare sector may need help now more than ever. If you’re good with numbers and don’t mind routine work, medical accounting may be precisely the career for you.

4 Ways to Attract Better Talent

4 Ways to Attract Better Talent

Every business wants to ensure that they bring in the best talent possible to ensure their team is well-equipped to handle everything that the business world can throw at you. It is not enough to merely hire the best candidate for the job. However, you must attract the best talent so that there are no doubts about how effective they can be for your business. 

Invest In Spectacular Systems

As offices all over the country shift closer towards relying on cloud storage and data management systems, you must demonstrate that your business is ahead of the curve, or at the very least, keeping up with current trends. 

By investing in spectacular systems and working with to understand all its nuances and quirks, you can attract innovative and technologically minded candidates who want to work for a company that knows what it is doing when it comes to data and digital processes. 

Use Your Existing Team

Your existing team is a fantastic way to humanize your brand and give it the edge over other businesses. You can use them to discuss how fond they are of the companies, and while this could be construed as bias in some circles, it is not as biased compared to what an employer or business owner would say. 

They can use social media to discuss the positives of the brand. As many potential employees will search for information about the business, you want to ensure that your business is presented in ways that would attract candidates, rather than turn them away. 

Cultivate a Captivating Culture

Company culture is something that has had a greater focus over the past decade or so. Businesses have seen how Google and Facebook cultivate an office where work and play are, generally, well-balanced. 

You don’t need to create a Google-like campus, but you can still strive for a company culture that puts respect and understanding of the person at the forefront. If potential employees believe they will be considered people, rather than commodities for making money, your business will look much more attractive. 

Build a Positive Brand

Building a positive brand is sure to attract the very best in your industry. You want to be a business that people talk about how much they want to work for you. You want to be a business that people will congratulate others when they tell them they work for you. 

You can use social media campaigns and charitable events to promote your business as one that people would want to work for. However, you cannot use these means just for the sake of doing so. Every post you make, an opinion you share and cause you support must be genuine. Otherwise, consumers and potential employees will see straight through you, and you’ll come across as disingenuous. 

The Best of the Best 

Trawling through resumes and conducting interviews will be easier when you attract the best people to your company. You cannot expect them to apply for no reason, though. Instead, you must give them a reason for wanting to be there. 

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