Vital Stepping Stones: The Perks Employers Should Offer You

Vital Stepping Stones: The Perks Employers Should Offer You


By Sharon Jones

When we are on the hunt for the perfect job, there are a few things that we need to take into account. Most people predominantly look at the pay, but it shouldn’t stop there. Various perks need to factor into your overall job hunt, so, if you have no idea where to begin, here are some for inspiration.

Sick Pay And Insurance

Surprisingly lots of companies don’t offer much in the way of sick pay. And if you are self-employed, you are not going to get paid if you don’t work! So, long-term sick leave should factor into your research, but also you should look at how they support their workers with regards to issues like stress. Sick pay is one thing, but there should also be something in place to support you if you suffered anguish or anxiety while on the job. Some organizations pay disability insurance, and there are sites like, which support those that work in the medical profession. It isn’t always essential for an employee to provide long-term sick pay, but depending on the nature of your work, you should look at how your employer would support you, were you unable to work.

Profit Share

The best companies share their profits with their employees. There are companies like Admiral in the UK that give their employees bonuses at the end of the year, but some offer their employees shares in the company. This can be extremely rare, but shares in the company mean that the company cares as much about you as it does the profits.

Adequate Time Off

When you’re looking at a job description, the time off can be a very alluring prospect. In addition to the obligatory 28 days (at least), there are other things you would benefit from. Time off around the holidays is very enticing, because if a company only offers the standard holidays, but not much time off around important family occasions like Christmas, you may not feel the benefit of proper time off. Extended time off around the holidays is always beneficial, but also, a handy little perk to keep your eye out for is time off on your birthday. This article on is a handy little insight into what having your birthday off can do for you as well as your employer, and it’s something that’s always appreciated. After all, nobody likes to work on their birthday!

On-site Facilities

In addition of somewhere to go and have your lunch, the overall ideal employee wellness program should extend into things like an on-site gym, or at least a gym membership, but also communal showers. The modern workplace isn’t just about the standard 9 to 5 anymore, so if you are expected to put in more hours than the average person, they need to make your time on site as accommodating as possible, and if this includes a ping pong table, then so be it!

When looking for somewhere to spend your professional career, there are more things than the standard pay package, so have a look for some of these.

How To Choose A Roofing Material And Detect The Damaged Roof?

How To Choose A Roofing Material And Detect The Damaged Roof?

So, it’s been more than thousands of years, since us as humans have been sheathing the rooftops of our households. This beautifully illuminated level-headed house is insulated with rubber roof installation.

No matter, how old, but the roofing of the houses is an ever-advancing ritual of keeping the homes structured and safe. On the other hand, for various industries, roofing comes as a big time investment.

For the northeast dwellers amidst us, roof insulating must be a warrior against the sun, sleet, snow, and summer. Whether, its rubber roof installation or metal roof protection, you may always need an expert advice and some points to keep in mind. Keep scrolling to make yourself accustomed with the house roof insulation factors:

  • Consultation with the Professional: A consultation with the right commercial roofer will give a helpful insight. So, to make your roof stand in all weathers, it is better to rely on expertise. Try contacting some rubber roof installers in Massachusetts, to keep it a customized as per the surrounding weather.
  • Reflectivity: Emissivity decides the reflective ability of roof of your house. Generally, the factor of reflectivity plays the prominent role when it comes to experiencing weather conditions. So, in the areas of hot weather, reflectivity plays a vital role. So, while in summers, the roof will reflect the heat and keep the insides cool, in winters, it will absorb more heat.
  • Cost of Roofing: Why not go for the roofing system, which suits the scenario rather than getting heavy on your pockets? An unseen cost of the roofing material is the maintenance. If you go for very cheap material, then it may cost you more with replacement. Always seek professional roofer’s advice to get to the right cost of roof installation.
  • State Building Codes: Many of the states have codes which put limits on putting various types of roofing. For example, if your area may have some hazardous risks like Hurricanes, then you may not be allowed to use thatched roofing.
  • The Factor of Surroundings: Choose a roof which does not create a havoc due to the environment. If you make a bad choice, the top shield of your house may don a layer of moss, algae, mold, and algae. This will stop your roof to protect the house and make it fragile.

In case, this is not your first time with rubber roof insulation and you just want to keep a check on the existing one, read on. Monitoring the health of your roof should be a periodic activity. You can always rely on professional roofer similar to Prime Roofing in Ponte Vedra Beach or from your locality to run the check.

So, even if you don’t notice, your roof may be suffering from the water damage. Has it become so fragile that, it is allowing water to pass through it?

It is completely your ownership to check the water damage. Here are some signs of it:

  1. Have you Checked the Gutter?

Finding leaves and reefs in the gutter is normal. If you ever get to notice roof particles, keep a check. Yes, a healthy roof may leave some granules, but if it is too regular, then it is a red mark.


  1. Chimney Flashing:

Chimney flashing is quite a common cause of leaking. But, water that flows through this can create some serious damage. Flattened roofs, scupper boxes etc. are the most common when it comes to roof leaks. A proper maintenance can normalize the situation a bit. Above all, it will control the water damage.

  1. Aged Roof:

So, you chose the roof insulation with lots of care and a hefty investment. But, all this does not guarantee all life sustenance. Obviously, a roof has a life, just like the strawberries sitting on your kitchen counter. If you can’t remember, in which year, you got your roof repaired or reinstalled; it’s a time for a roof replacement.

Besides, the weather of winter can make your roof even more sensitive. Interestingly, your roof will not show signs of damage until the arrival of summers.

Various commercial roofing companies make it subtle for you. By providing, robust maintenance and roofing consultation, you can always make a healthier choice for your house.

Send Them Home! How Remote Working Could Save Your Business

Send Them Home! How Remote Working Could Save Your Business


By Sharon Jones

It is very difficult to determine a company’s longevity now; there are so many different factors that mean even well respected and high earning businesses could struggle in such economic climates. In this respect, it can be very difficult to look after your business efficiently, and it can be even harder to look after your employees. We need our employees to complete the adequate tasks. And lots of businesses are taking the approach to outsourcing key functions in a bid to save money, but the better option would be to send your workforce home. Not fire them, but get them to work remotely. So, how could it save your business?

The Reduction In Cost

This is the best place to start. In having a percentage of your workforce stay at home, the costs you will save can be momentous. There may be a few investments to make up front to accommodate remote working capabilities, such as the hiring an IT company to encrypt the data, but also purchasing suitable computers so they can complete their work. There are various IT companies you can consult, and there are computers that don’t have to be hugely expensive, and you can look on for the best quality laptops, but ones that are suitable for your budget. The other major cost, if remote working proves to be successful for you, is that you can do away with the office, or downsize to a smaller base of operations. The money you would save alone on rent and additional building costs may be the way for you to revive your business if it is flagging, or you can apply them to additional resources to help your business improve. By cutting a sizable chunk of your expenses, you can implement e-learning resources. There is a handy article on on developing e-learning courses so you could view it as an investment in your employees.

Increasing Reliance On Your Employees

For all of the pros and cons that have been endlessly debated when it comes to remote working, the one positive that should be taken away from the perspective of the employer and the employee is that, in many ways, you are increasing the flexibility of your workforce. Working from home is something that many people would love to do because it saves on transport costs, but it also helps with regards to personal issues, like childcare. Remote working, in this respect, can be a real lifesaver, but many companies don’t have the option in place. When you look at it from the perspective of an employee that has to make the commute to work, it means that you can guarantee that they will be “in work” on time. And with this, as well as increased options for communication, it could result in a major increase in productivity.

Remote working can be a vital resource for you and your employees if you do it correctly. In addition to the personal and financial benefits on your employees, remote working can result in a more positive work culture, and if you implement a monthly meeting in person, or set up regular chats with your employees, you are making sure that you are maintaining the personal touch. Is remote working the savior of your business? It may very well be!

Tech Tools Every Startup Needs

Tech Tools Every Startup Needs

By Nigel Hilton

If you’re starting out on your own, then like many entrepreneurs your new venture can be met with some trepidation. You are likely to also want to spend money sparingly and starting off things in the business small. No matter how small you want to start things, though, you will still need some technological tools to help your business to grow and to compete with your fellow counterparts. Certain pieces of tech can help you to make more money for the business but they can help you to save time too. No tech is going to run your business for you, but it is going to help you get things going.


LED Backlit Monitor

Having a laptop or a tablet is all very well, but when it comes to office equipment, you need a large monitor to help working at a desk much easier. When you’re not having to strain, it can mean a more relaxed neck, back, and eyes. So if you find working from a desk uncomfortable or get pain from sitting or looking at a screen, then this can be a big help to you. If it is LED backlit, then it does help to reduce the strain and glare on your eyes. You don’t want to miss out on anything important or make yourself ill when you’re trying to do your work.

Wireless Printer

Being able to print out your work, wherever you are in the home or office, is going to be helpful. You might need to quickly print out an email before dashing off to a meeting, for example. So having a wireless printer that is ready to go can be most helpful. Just make sure that you get good quality printer ink for the printer too. Then all of your documents can be printed quickly, as well as looking good.


It is an obvious one that you will need a smartphone. But having a phone that will allow you easy access to emails is key for business. Internet access is also going to be really important. It can be a good idea when you’re going into business to have one phone for business use and one phone for personal use. It can help you to be more productive when on your work phone, as you won’t have to deal with any personal emails or social media notifications that pop up.

Wireless Router With Apps

If you have got a growing office, then your router needs to be able to take the strain. It can waste time and money to install ethernet cables, so the best idea is to go for wireless. One like the Belkin Play could be a good option as it will still enable you to use around the office but according to reviews, has unparalleled connectivity. In an office that will be filled with people and radio waves, you need a router that is going to be able to get to everyone and keep a strong signal.  

Do you have a favorite piece of tech for your office?

Inspiring Superstars From The World Of Sport

Inspiring Superstars From The World Of Sport

By Jerry Mooney

Do you ever think that maybe you should try a little harder to be more active in your life? Even though we all know that leading an active lifestyle with plenty of exercise is the best way to stay fit and healthy, there are still a few people out there who aren’t putting in as much effort as perhaps they should. Do you think that you are one of them? In that case, you might need to look for some great inspiration to help you get off the couch.

One of the best places to look for inspiration is the world of sport. There are so many inspiring sports men and women out there, all of whom we should look up to when it comes to getting fit and healthy. Ready to be inspired by some truly excellent players and athletes? Read on for more!


Pat Tillman

If you ask anyone who the most inspiring American sportsman in history is, they might mention Pat Tillman. Unfortunately, his story is a sad one. He started his American football career with the Arizona Cardinals. However, after just his fourth season with the team, he enlisted in the American army. He decided to change his career path after being deeply affected by the events of 9/11. Unfortunately, only two years after joining up, he was killed in action in Afghanistan. Still to this day, though, Tillman’s memory lives on and he is often quoted as being one of the most inspiring and patriotic football players that America has ever seen.


Venus Williams

It’s impossible to think about tennis without thinking about the two Williams sisters. These are two of the best-known tennis players that have ever been, and when you look back at their careers there is no wonder why. Just take Venus Williams for example. Thanks to her brilliant strength, determination, and achievement, she has helped to change the face of women’s tennis for the better. Her serve reached the 100 miles per hour mark at the tender age of just ten years old! That’s impressive, even for adults! In 1997, she was the very first unseeded player to make it to the finals of an Open. She finally won Wimbledon in 2000 and has been inspiring young girls to make it in the world of tennis ever since!


Josh Hamilton

When you are buying the best baseball gloves, you might want to look for a pair from a brand that was popular with a favorite player. Well, why not look for the brand of gloves that Josh Hamilton used to wear? He has played for a number of different clubs over the years, including the Cincinnati Reds, Texas Rangers, and the Angeles Angels of Anaheim. However, his career has had its own ups and downs, including a set back after he suffered from a drug addiction. Those down times haven’t been enough to completely derail Hamilton, though, and he continues to work as a professional baseball player and still inspires many fans to this very day!


Caster Semenya

You might have heard quite a bit about Caster Semenya as she has been in the news for the past couple of years. This South African runner is one of the world’s best middle-distance runners. She even won the gold medal for the 800 metres at the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro. However, Semenya has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. It is widely believed that Semenya suffers from hyperandrogenism which means that she has very high levels of testosterone in her body. This makes her much faster than her fellow female competitors. Because of this, there have been many calls for her to take hormone treatments or to stop competing as she has an unfair advantage. But Semenya isn’t going to let any of this negativity from her competitors get her down and she continues to compete to this day. Her attitude in such adverse situations is something that everyone should aspire to!


Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali has to be one of the most famous boxers ever. He was also one of the best that ever stepped into a ring as well! He was the heavyweight champion of the world and at the height of his career was a complete legend in the ring. His fights against George Foreman and Joe Frazier were some of the most hotly anticipated that have ever been in the world of boxing. But it’s not just Ali’s fantastic sporting achievements that we should admire and look up to – he was also a very generous philanthropist as well! In fact, he was such a great philanthropist, that he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005. Sadly, Ali died in 2016 after suffering from Parkinson’s for his last couple of decades.


Bethany Hamilton

Of course, there are some sports people out there who have to overcome some very serious health conditions. Sometimes, disabilities or illnesses can completely sidetrack someone’s career, but there are others out there who are so strong that they are able to get their career right back on track. Just take Bethany Hamilton as an example. She grew up in Hawaii and her family were always very keen surfers. Unfortunately, though, Hamilton was viciously  attacked by a shark at the age of 13. Thankfully, she managed to escape with her life, but she lost an arm in the attack. That didn’t stop Hamilton wanting to make a career for herself in the world of surfing, though. She managed to keep on surfing, despite her disability. Only two years after her devastating attack, she managed to compete in the Explorer Women’s Division of the NSSA National Championships. She came first in the whole competition and was able to tell her inspiring story to a wider audience as a result.

Hopefully, the athletes mentioned above can really inspire you to get out there and be a bit more active in your life. It’s never too late to start with sport – there’s still time to be a champion!

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