Running a business is all about getting into good habits. If you commit to certain good habits – regularly – then your business will end up profiting from them. 

As the title suggests, we’re going to look at a few things (or good habits) that your business should do every week, at least. These are just a handful of suggestions, there are plenty of other things you could do to help your business each week.

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Set & review weekly goals

Goals help your business move forward and achieve impressive feats. Ideally, you need to set goals every single week. You should have other business goals, but they’ll look at things from a wider perspective and be more tuned to your long-term ambitions. With weekly goals, you have short-term targets that you hope to achieve. 

You’ll find tonnes of short-term or weekly business goals online to help you get started. Clearly, you may need to tweak some of the ideas to suit your specific company. But, a typical example could be a target for sales that week. This gives your team something to aim for and can improve your performance. 

Then, you should review your weekly goals. Look at how you’ve performed to see if you’re working efficiently and reaching your targets. This helps you notice where your business might be struggling and how you can improve the situation. 

Have a deep clean

Start thinking about your business premises in the same way you’d think of your house. Would you leave your home for weeks on end without a proper cleaning? You wouldn’t. Why? Because it makes your home look messy and unkempt. This is an even bigger issue when it revolves around your business premises! 

Ultimately, your place of work should be as clean as possible at all time. It could be worth getting some commercial cleaning services at the end of every day. This ensures that your office always looks neat and professional, maintaining your image. If things get too messy, then your reputation begins to suffer, and you could lose business. A deep clean should be done once a week at least, but it’s worth thinking about daily cleaning services too. 

Post on social media

Social media is one of the most critical marketing tools in the modern era. Businesses of all sizes need to have a strong social media presence. There’s a lot to learn about social media marketing, but one simple rule is to post at least once a week on your social channels. 

Regular updates keep your followers intrigued, and they help you find new followers and grow your audience. If you don’t post, then people become disinterested, and you don’t really have any way of drawing in new people. Obviously, you should and could post more than once a week. But, this is a good starting point to build from. Check out the video above for some tips on how to post on social media. 

Try and get into the habit of doing these three things every week. They might not seem groundbreaking or crazy, but they have a profound effect on the way your business operates. 

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