When was the last time your business did some good for others? Is it time to embrace some charitable giving? By giving back, your business can help others while raising your own profile – and what better time to do it than during the summer?

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Getting out and about to help your community during the summer months can boost employee morale and ensures everyone gets their vitamin D. With business usually quieter during the summer period, it can be a nice change of pace to get out and help others.

Need some inspiration? Here are four projects that will help your business give back this summer.

1. Clean it up

Clean up initiatives are an easy way your business can do some good for others. If you live near a beach or a local park, taking the whole office down to help clean things up can be a good way for you to all get some fresh air while doing good in the community. Even just an hour can make a difference to your local area, so pick up those trash bags and help clean things up.

2. Donate to your local green spaces

Many communities have parks and green spaces that are in desperate need of being tidied up and improved. It doesn’t cost a lot to donate, and you could help by building community gardens, donating park supplies and more to make your local green spaces shine. Many of these projects are funded and run by people in the community, so they need every penny they can get to make a difference.

3. Sponsor a prom

It’s prom season, and many high schools will be getting ready to host their own special evenings. For many schools and students, prom can be a struggle due to a lack of resources to make it a night to remember. Sponsoring a prom is a great idea to help your local high school has the prom it deserves and is an excellent way to build links with the community. Corporate sponsorship has many benefits for businesses, making a difference to both the local school and your company too.

4. Set a fundraising challenge

Want to help your business raise a lot of money for a good cause? Why not set a fundraising challenge at your company? The challenge could be completed in teams or on an individual basis to help employees raise as much money as possible. From fun runs to bake sales, there are plenty of options you can try. These sorts of fundraising challenges are great for both small and large businesses, providing a way for remote teams to stay connected, as well as helping employees to de-stress by engaging in other activities in the office.

What can your business do to help others this summer? From getting outside and volunteering, to raising funds and awareness for good causes, there is a lot your company can do to make a difference. Start now and by fall, your business could have a huge impact on your local community.

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