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Dashcams are more than just fun toys. In fact, they can have many benefits. Here are just five reason why you may want to invest in a dashcam.

Provide evidence when making insurance claims

Having a dashcam in your vehicle can be a big advantage when making an insurance claim. It could provide video evidence that you weren’t at fault in an accident, helping you to claim the compensation you deserve. Some drivers even buy two or more dashcams so that they can record the road from all angles – this could be useful if someone drives up the back of you or clips your wing mirror.

Provide legal evidence when reporting criminal activity

A dashcam could also help you to report any signs of criminal behaviour you witness whilst driving. This could include others’ unlawful driving or even criminal behaviour happening on the roadside. Your footage could even be used to help with police investigations reported by others. All in all, by owning a dashcam, you could be helping to fight crime.

Provide legal evidence when protecting yourself against false claims

You can also use a dashcam to protect yourself against false claims and convictions made against you. With the help of a criminal defence expert and dashcam evidence you may be able to defend yourself against fines and tickets that you feel were undeserved (there could even cases of number plate cloning in which you can use dashcam footage to show you weren’t the driver). Dashcams can also be used in insurance fraud cases where you may have been deliberately set up to cause an accident.

Record video footage of road trips

Dashcams can also be perfect tools for capturing memories of road trips. Even if you have lots of passengers on board to film events on the road, a dashcam could help to capture those surprise moments that unfold before anyone has a chance to film them. As for solo drives, it could be the only way to capture those fun and exciting moments on the road.

Monitor other drivers using your car

Another great use for a dashcam could be to monitor other drivers using your car. If it’s a business vehicle, there may be employees who you share it with – a dash cam could encourage these employees to drive economically and sensibly, which could help you to keep fuel costs down and protect the reputation of your business. A dashcam could also come in handy if you’re child has just learnt to drive and you want to similarly check how they’re using your vehicle. 

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